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  1. Big crow will slowly travels from portal to your Cawnival tree... you maybe didnt "lost" him, hes just on his way somewhere on map
  2. Is there way to predict deerclops spawning without mods? First winter its day 30, but what about second and on and on? Deff setting.
  3. If you put your backpack on ground, you can put multiple bonded Bells in it. Its fun.
  4. What about them coming less often but more powerfull? Like mixed groups of haunds, "hamlet" bats, exploding birds alwalways random. Harder with daycount. 3:D
  5. Building Sushi Camp with friends Koneko and Madame! All the proper swamp camp need... mess, spiky walls, merms and lots of food!
  6. Wormwood fan suggesting to add food that takes health... sus
  7. Wurt base with Koneko. Last ones standing on pub.
  8. Allow Wurt to craft pig heads on stick, same ones that are found along the roads in swamp.
  9. My beefalo felt lazy. Paying some food for boatgirl is better way to travel.
  10. One of us died cause deer smash. You can guess who. 10th year in row nothing. I guess I suffer Jazzy curse or smth
  11. My ranch is growin every spring! Muehehe 3:)
  12. You can feed Glowberry or Glowberry Mousse to you den pet and it will provide light for you