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  1. Because.. why not? we can already give them hats.
  2. Giving nightmarelight lightradius of obsidian firepit from SW could be interesting (I think it justifies the costs to craft and fuel), also it will look dope to have your whole base illuminated by fancy shadow flames.
  3. I like to chop trees like Woodie, fight like Wolfgang, be tanky like Wigfrid, glow like WX, not bein able to heal with food properly like Wormwood and also look awesome with clothing all this without changing character - thats why Warly is the only answer
  4. Warly special items skin? Probably wont happen as a drop for its one-char-use, but damn im in!
  5. My boat burned due to lightnin right before I build rod (precrafted). I was literally in putting animation when it strikes
  6. I'm usually playing like a nomad that sometimes returns to base just to replant spice crops and give others usefull things I found (or cook) on my travels (Glowberry Mousse is easy and very popular). I think nomad style fits Warly good, you need variety of food and can cook them in portable cookpot everywhere. Siting in base, caring for different crops do the same, but it isnt such fun. I've got few tips too if you want: 1) You can store specific seeds in tacle box. That way you can keep many in one inventory slot 2) kill goats often. You need horns for jelly and meat is always good. They also nerfed their kiting pattern from krampi to werepig (i think) so .. great 3) hoard lureplants. I think everybody still does it. Leafy meat jelly is still best and reliable sanity source Goodbai and goodluck!
  7. We encounter same as Webber and Wendy. Once we tried repair Pearls house we got dc'ed. No mods used.
  8. Wilson? Didnt you forget to do something?
  9. One advantage of never-coming update - ever lasting event! Here chilling with Koneko mid-summer while training our carrats to glory!
  10. Adventure from Hamlet, but since I saw no similar thread there, I'll just post it here