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  1. Hello! This is probably in wrong section, but I have a question: My friend is currently hosting our DST game but our internet connection is crappy. Is it possible..somehow.. to play smoothly AND online? (for skins) I imagine it as we exchange data tru LAN and send info about whats happening in world through our weak internet only from her PC? I really have no idea how it works, so simple no is enough for answer.
  2. One of us died cause deer smash. You can guess who. 10th year in row nothing. I guess I suffer Jazzy curse or smth
  3. My ranch is growin every spring! Muehehe 3:)
  4. You can feed Glowberry or Glowberry Mousse to you den pet and it will provide light for you
  5. You can walk spider den's webbing without triggering spiders! I find it usefull when digging graves near spider dens which I dont want to (cant) destroy.
  6. New Warly sneaky buffs: Hammering spoiled fishes now gives you boneshard with far better chance! 50% chance for smol one and 100% chance for big (if wiki doesnt lie). No longer will you need to kill your friends for food! + New farming is best! Such big harvests. Making buffs and onions is even easier now when you can get seed and crop for lil care!
  7. Not mine, but my shy friend Koneko just got this amazing daily gift from chest. I've got my blue trousers ;_;
  8. Will my server in beta stay after it comes official? And if not, can I somehow move it to normal DST so we can keep playin world we like?
  9. I like to chop trees like Woodie, fight like Wolfgang, be tanky like Wigfrid, glow like WX, not bein able to heal with food properly like Wormwood and also look awesome with clothing all this without changing character - thats why Warly is the only answer
  10. We encounter same as Webber and Wendy. Once we tried repair Pearls house we got dc'ed. No mods used.
  11. Wilson? Didnt you forget to do something?
  12. One advantage of never-coming update - ever lasting event! Here chilling with Koneko mid-summer while training our carrats to glory!
  13. Adventure from Hamlet, but since I saw no similar thread there, I'll just post it here