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  1. oh thanks,it means a lot to us that our work is aprreciated <3 yeah jaja as i posted, we literally scream when we notice it XD, thanks
  2. it were like 2 months of drawing each frame,and then it was another month of puting everything together, thanks for the apreciation man.
  3. Ok guys...a small context here, I'm studying animation at my carreer,and last semester my final project was a DST animation about Winona's past and lore,anyway it was three months ago and me and my friends did the research and stuff to make it,and the animation was like our interpretation on the lore of the character... i even posted here when it was released and some of you watch it... But today's release made ourselfs scream of joy in the middle of the school, when we watch the official video and see that we not only got some stuff right, but even some parts of the video looked like if Klei watched our fan animation and recreated it, we're not complaining ,we are happy as hell, coz in our opinion, they do look very similar and it's like joyfull to think that it could be that someone out there at Klei, watched our video and got inspired by... any way...you guys tell me what you think... here is our video... sorry if I look like a crazy fan but i´m just very VERY HAPPY for this!
  4. Pig King Crash Server

    Everytime my friends or me tried to exchange something with the pig king,the game stops working and disconect everybody,and when booting the server again in game time goes back one day.