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  1. Game bug

    I didn't mean in any way for that to be a dig at Jan, I just thought it was quite funny that we had done all that over a course of months only to essentially have someone say "Have you tried turning it off and back on again" and have it work.
  2. Game bug

    Don't Starve - I do have Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked dlc but those don't work either Do you know that I have 14 emails back and forward with Klei including using a different key binding to access the tool menu that did not work, but (because I'll try anything twice) resetting it just now did, in fact, work. I don't know why that occurred to NO ONE. but here we are. Thank you! I haven't been able to play since last october!
  3. Game bug

    I have tried everything Klei could offer me to fix this bug, but it was unfixable, they sent me to Lenovo for support and they won't help for less than $200 per year. So I was hoping someone might have a suggestion to fix this problem with the hud/ crafting/ toolbar I have tried with and without a mouse, using touch pad, touch screen, un install and reinstall. Nothing works yet.
  4. When I loaded up a new game I wasn't able to open the crafting/tool menu. I click on the light, and the second layer comes out only for a second. I cannot craft anything (so I'm gonna die). In an attempt to fix this I closed the game, restarted the save, menu is the same. So I was going to create a new game in reign of giants, but I can't select the dlc, not the shipwrecked either. So I don't know if they are related or not but both occurred in the same attempted game session. Can't access DLC and can't craft tools, light, etc.