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  1. No, that's Wes and he is so brutal here. :7
  2. *Dead screeching* Why pictures can't be drawn by itself. Nevertheless, I'm very active this year. Custom skins aka Klei plz!
  3. Are you kidding me?) Doppio Charlie the best thing I ever saw.
  4. So much pleasant to hear it. Is Doppio Charlie yours?
  5. Sick and depressive. Maybe I'm gonna find the way outa there. Epic Sax Wickerbottom.
  6. We work at the HUUUUUUUUGE project right now. I want to try and animate it. PackWitter wish it as animatic, but I suppose it would be kinda... poor. It's 16 seconds but we needs 7 minutes and 2 seconds.
  7. It was scenario of Wes'es birthday. Max did it)) I turned back. I was suffered of headache, domestic routine and blood pressure. At least I've prepared material for submition! Our BIG collaboration work.
  8. 23 of February, the Defenders day when we gratulate men and people on duty. I vote this comix to this day. Vissarion, stop being kid, lol! Vissarion and Wardruna with Snowfallen skin. By the secret, Vissarion was a murder early, but hush!~~ "Even you were silly, you are the real man still".
  9. I shall tag them for the future. Thank you. :3 Well, it was crazy roleplay when we trolled Wilson: shaved him, dyed him with yellow, sign Oppai with red, put on garden red gloves (!) on feet and hands and PackWitter yelled "I SHALL DRAW IT!!! I DON'T CARE!!". I was impressed of Onepunch man, and came up with a story to make Pack laugh)
  10. *Cough-cough* Sorry, for confusing. But It was Werk)) PackWitter's character) You can examine Saitama))) We laughed a lot when I offer Wilson to be One Punch man. He is so mad of his hair right now)) Even with no shade and details it's so cute :3 Webber is so happy now
  11. Werk Anderssen and his brother Wyatt Anderssen. Wyatt is unknown character yet. And yes, Pack wasn't translated the text "You are - the honour of us and our crest". Wyatt should appear later. Werk and Wade for the profile header
  12. Vissarion and Wardruna are paired. Wandachen paired with Wlodzimezh.
  13. I've tired as hell of January and PackWitter doomed me to suffer by her post (We gained 800 likes). Until the day I finish that, I can show you the final of Winter Feast. I help some people to finish it in time. Adrian (by InkCake) and Inky (by InkyCat). I've tired, but I should help InkCake. Welicity or Ruth (By InkCake too) is giving nice scarf to Wallace. Victor Waywell (by Dester Fawgrold) have a nice gift for Wardruna. I wanted Dester pass exams better than waste a time with drawing. Wardruna prepared something special for Vissarion Westby, but she won't expect such reaction. And, at the end, Vissarion Westby grown his best frozen roses for Wandachen (by Hanakorice). I suppose he shall suffer from jealous Wardruna and Wlodzimezh's ghost (by Pshec or Muya)