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  1. LOOK AT THEM TOWERING OVER HIM AAHAHAHA!!!! dude, 3d art is awesome!!! Its really dope to see you take the very 2d game and translate it like that!!! also, i have to say yet again that i am in love with these shoe designs!!! Esp. the Clockwork and the terrorbeak!!!! Those are my favs <3
  2. <3 <3 <3 I'm glad you like my stuff!!! This willow rig looks great!!! What's it for ?
  3. OBVIOUSLY I'd take her on a date!!!! She is a lady after all <3
  4. Ill join you in asking for the artbook!! That's a good point tho- if folks were to complain about the material that didnt make it into the game rather than appreciate all the cool art and the hard work put into making the game great, I'd be reluctant to release that art too.
  5. or an art book!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude if they made an art book i would lose my mind
  6. Perhaps "scrapped assets" would be a more appropriate term for these files then, but I was just saying that the ORIGINAL critique WhackE made wasn't very constructive. Moreover, I think it's important to remember that there are multiple artists working at klei. Even the art of team members who have worked on DS and DST from the start is bound to change and evolve. So when folks compare the old art and the new art- this should be taken into consideration. Plus, any newer artists who are contributing work towards the game probably wouldn't appreciate the insinuation that their contributions are somehow worse than their predecessors. I definitely don't think WhackE was trying to spread hate for the game- otherwise they wouldnt even bother reading these forums, and I think the critique they just posted was solid and brought up some good points. Absolutely no hate towards ppl making critiques! Just think its better to make them productive rather than bitter.
  7. I mean yea, say whatever you want but you've gotta understand that there's a proper way to critique art. Just insulting people ISNT a critique. If you could point out WHAT specifically you think doesnt work with the nurse spiders, that would be a better start. Its also REALLY inconsiderate of all the work that game devs go through to polish concepts up. Clearly, those these concepts are cool, they didn't make the cut for implementation in the final game. The devs had already considered how those ideas would have impacted gameplay, and decided that in order to push out a game that they are PROUD of, these ideas arent needed. TLDR The devs go through a whole process to make a high quality game that they are proud of, and saying the scrapped concepts look better than content we have now is REALLY rude.
  8. I had the same problem too. Hopefully they will fix it before the link expires, or at least give steam users an opportunity to make up the points some other way later on.