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  1. metallichydra

    Count to 500 without interruption

    we should reset now
  2. insert random comment about how insanity is good because you are a pro player here: ---> _____________________________________
  3. metallichydra

    surviving aporkalypse from day one

    since there is sooo many pictures involved, i'll have to split the post into more than one post. attempt 3, part 2:
  4. metallichydra

    surviving aporkalypse from day one

    in case you want to see the first attempt I made during the hamlet beta:
  5. metallichydra


    I too would like to see the farming (and cooking) mechanics of the gorge. they seem so much better than "slap a seed in a farm and watch it grow" and "put stuff in pot, light it, wait for food to prepare itself".
  6. metallichydra

    Great Progress!

    how many got hamlet for free, and how many have hamlet now?
  7. metallichydra

    Book and Beanie?

    the book looks like it has a picture of a shield. probably should have been used to something with guard pigs.
  8. metallichydra

    Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    the pig town makes it too easy to survive when I first saw the hamlet trailer, I had hoped you would have to cross lots of rivers and jungle to get to the pig town. what we got was a chance to spawn next to the town, and if you didn't, it was nearby. oh, and the rivers was lakes
  9. metallichydra

    Would you say Hamlet is more town management sim?

    you don't even get grass like you use to most of the worlds I play on now, I dont ever go to the pig towns. it makes it harder, but its still kinda different from normal dont starve. just sad so many items (like ice) is pig-town dependent.
  10. metallichydra

    surviving aporkalypse from day one

    i will update the main post make new posts in this thread as i progress.
  11. this is some kind of challange, where i have to survive a never-ending aporkalypse from day 1 i also did this during the beta, but sadly the command GetSeasonManager():StartAporkalypse() doesnt work, so i had to spawn an aporkalypse clock. attempt one attempt two attempt 3
  12. if we make the world infinite, then no exploration perks would become useless
  13. metallichydra

    Count to 500 without interruption

  14. metallichydra

    the hydra's art thread

    I should do something to save my thread