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  1. Ah, I see... I thought they mean 4 new characters at once and then 1 new character every 2 months, but to be honest that would be alot of work and would really be too much characters, I see the problem with my reasoning I wonder what character will be next then?
  2. Unless they mean a Maximum of 4 new characters, each one being released in a period of 2 months?
  3. A batch, meaning all four at once.
  4. If i'm not mistaken, there was supposed to be 4 new characters will be coming, not just Wortox. "A fresh batch of four characters have been unwittingly ensnared and brought into the world."
  5. It's past mid march, I cannot hold myself in my seat I am so hyped, can't wait to buy these characters and play em'!
  6. I was going into my house ad suddently I noticed my walls and flooring where blacked out, then I tried to leavethe game andcome back but then my entire house was blacked out and I couldn't see nor leave my house. also I could not hammer the Fridge after I placed it down in my house. I also noticed that the fridge had "Missing Name" items in it, so I tried to pick one up and my game instantly crashed.