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  1. What about fix for attacking nearest entity, not to target previously punched? Especially, in the spider (monkey etc.) wars when u try to combat with several of them and need to click-target for stopping moving after the previous victim collecting at that time all the hits.
  2. Loading old world with 1300+ days shows new world. Save files size 6MB. Any possibility to reanimate that world? It was so long lasting and adorable. No pause (API Gemcore); No restart during save; Last day Special events mod was loaded and deleted; Cluster_3.rar
  3. Which one we should to believe? BTW nice and cute event with adorable crowns. Like them a lot!
  4. I had too much problems with that mod, especially with world deletion, regeneration, cave issues and pruned files. If u can play without pause try to do so. It's better way to be sure that your world stay as long as possible in good way.
  5. Do u have or use API GemCore mod?
  6. Already was reported but with "can't repeat" status and appearance in the game. As I got know more commonly presents after sea sailing but we have it on the surface also. Just pick up several stacks in the main inventory. After that start to collect them into rucksacks slots. There is no sound of picking but animation still presents. Also, u can't use those invisible items into crafting like they never existed. When u try to place something into the "free" slots collected items appears. Example:
  7. The same problem here. Also, before next fix were problems with infinite mod downloading. Since today mod uploading also got crash but after game rebooting fixed and came that problem. Server logs in attached. server_log (1).txt
  8. Got the same issue several times but not only playing by Wendy but also Wigfrid with nearby passing Wendy and her cute little friend.
  9. Wormhole skins amazing but still need little more brightness because it's really hard to detect them among surroundings. Aaaaawesome update! Bye bye twiggy trees and spontaneous gekkos.
  10. I was missing that correctly working "more" feature so long. Thanks for doing so amazing stuff! Awesome update, waiting for release. Klei is super!