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  1. Guys, I can help you all, if it happen to see the game on a shelf in a game store. Just look at the back of the case, lower left corner, at the bar code. If it has 0 2 3 1 7 1 0 3 8 7 2 8 then this is the BAD PRNTING, without the DLC and base game. If it has 0 2 3 1 7 1 0 4 2 0 1 5 then this is the GOOD PRINTING, with everything included.
  2. They don't answer to the form that you've completed. Just have patience, it will arrive eventually. Same situation happened to me, and I thought that we have to expect some sort of update from 505, but no, they just take the forms received and just ship the games without any notices. It will arrive sooner or later, I'm sure of it.
  3. Hello guys, I just want to apologize first to 505 Games. They have indeed shipped the games, and depending where you're located, it could take either a couple of months for the game to arrive or maybe just 1-2 weeks. Today I just received my copy of the game and everything is in order. So please ignore my post above and I really hope that everyone who has completed the form for the EU market will get their copy soon. Also, I don't think that completing the form a 2nd time will help, so please be patient, because most likely your game is on its way. I will try and attach a picture of the package along with the game, for everyone to see. Thanks again!
  4. I've talked with someone from 505 games on their website via Live Chat, and they weren't aware of the form that this post has, in which the users from EU can complete it to receive their replacement disc. I have now a ticket open on their site, but no reply has been receive and is still pending, meaning that many of the 505 employees are either confused, or just don't know about the link to their form. Those of us who completed that form, I think that no one from 505 has acknowledged the existence of the form, and there're high chance that is completely useless. Also, I also tried contacting 505 games on twitter re this issue, and no response. No one knows anything about this. Klei, please reach out to 505 and tell them what the situation is, we need an answer from them when the users who completed the form will get an update re this. Thanks.