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  1. Pardon my lack of understanding, but why does it appear as ??? when I use a VPN? As far as I know, VPNs are still assigned IPs that should be pinged by internet traffic in general? So I should still have a number as a ping. Or is this not true because it's not a "real" IP?
  2. Hi all. I have a dedicated server up and running. However, for security reasons, I'd like it to ping off my VPN in lobby. It shows as ??? when I use one, and normal ping when I don't. How do I go about changing the IP for it to ping off?
  3. Duplicants are not using outhouses properly. The animation is on full visits, the first few times they use it, they unclog it but the arrow stays at full until a Duplicant goes and uses it. The bug progresses where the duplicants will not use or restock outhouses with fresh dirt at all. This results in them peeing everywhere I've uploaded a save file. Playing on Windows 10 64 bit on Steam Berny's derps IV.sav