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  1. add Mornig star blue print

    i have created a suggestion in the forum. But i don't know how to close this ticket..
  2. Bat Bat not present in magic tab in Hamlet game

    Thanks a lot, Jason
  3. Hello, In Hamlet, moles are able to go on water and to make a moleworm. Can you fix this mole superpower ? Thanks
  4. Hello, If not crafted in an other world (Rog or SW), the Bat Bat is not present in Hamlet in the magic tab. Please, the bat bat is important for WormWood :)) Thanks for all your original work
  5. Wormwood no farm sanity

    Same thing for me.
  6. Hello, On release 309157, with Wormwood, on win 10 64bits; in shipwrecked, compaible Hamlet world, lightning strike wormwood even if he has a snake rain hat. Not electrocution but he burns. Thanks
  7. Hello, On release 309157, with Wormwood, on win 10 64bits. With mouse or controler. Not possible to (un)wrap a bundle in boat in Shipwrecked. Thanks