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  1. I was playing the Trade Inn minigame until I finished the movements and objects. But when it reaches "Reporting wrapper tidyin'..." the game does not advance and gets stuck.
  2. nor use the transformations in general, they last from 15 to 90 seconds xd
  3. Please add this update to the console version, for now Woodie is still unplayable on Xbox One .(probably on ps4 too) great job by the way! It is also rare, lately the updates arrive within a few days or at the same time, especially if it is something as small as some adjustments
  4. Today, the update of the console version was just released, adding Turn Of Tides and Woodie's Rework. It was supposed to take 3 to 4 weeks to have everything ready and without failures, but the most annoying and ridiculous happened, the old worlds are not "compatible" with this aggregate, the sea simply disappears, you can not put a boat in the sea , the map is shortened to the end of the terrain. So for now it is unplayable, unless a clear new world begins. By the way, Wortox on consoles is still disgusting since its range is mediocre to fight or explore It is an Xbox One Slim. DonĀ“t Starve Together was bought alone. The language and location is Chile, Spanish, Spain. Apparently if the language is English and the location is United States the world becomes compatible and all this is fixed.