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  1. Ok so i got don't starve at 08/26/18 as an early birthday gift from my dad (my birthday is on the 27th) and i got a misprint i recently found out about the receipt thing and I went crazy finding the damn thing and i found it at my dads house with no code?? Maybe their is and i just glanced over it but its rlly frustrating because nothing here says anything about a code and I'm really bummed out cuz my dad won't let me use any more money on the game If y'all can help maybe smack me up the head and point at where it is or point me at a right direction on what to do it woulf be rlly helpful :') I'm startimg to think this is the wrong receipt but it has everything else right just the lack of code I'm considering going to the game stop and just begging for a code but idk again help a lad out guys