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  1. I appreciate to hear this game is still under active development. 2 years ago I ran into some minor but annoying bugs. I saw they were reported and decided to wait until they were fixed. Unfortunately they're still there, so I haven't played since, which is a shame because it's a great game. I hope that at some point you stop developing new features and work through the bug tracker. There's willingness from modders to contribute to the code, so maybe it would be good to make a process for this.
  2. Best demonstrated in this video (4:10): Save file to test for your convenience. heat deletion magma drip.sav
  3. Also doesn't roll over to tonnes in large quantities.
  4. This is fixed, nowadays I see players using normal pipes to cool an area and insulated pipes definitely prevent the heat exchange that occurs with normal pipes.
  5. It says nowhere that a transformer is intended to prevent overload so this may not be a bug. Is related to my report below.
  6. I hope you can hotfix this, it's very annoying.
  7. The only difference in the description of the 2 available Power Transformers is the power capacity (1 kJ vs 4 kJ). Together with the energy tab in the game, this gives the impression that you can (for example) fully supply a 2kW network with a Small Power Transformer. However it can only supply this for a short time second because there is a 1kW limit on the input side. This should be mentioned in the description.
  8. I ran into this as well, tonnes of superheated water in the refinery. I destroyed the building and the resulting steam "purged" all life from my base. Fun! Now I also understand why for a long time during game the my water reservoir was hotter than I could explain.