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  1. When generating a new asteroid on Linux, conflicting traits still seem to appear, as in the screenshot below (seed: 916268918). When on Windows, the traits generated are Volcanoes, Geoactive, Metal Rich.
  2. If the time unit is 5 per second, then that would mean a factor of 12 (so 240 x 12MJ), since the code only counts the power generated during the current 200ms time slice. So it's gonna be a long long time till OP will get the achievement.
  3. I read the decompiled code and I think the issue is that ColonyAchievementTracker updates achievements every 12 time units (not sure what the unit is), which then runs ProduceXEngeryWithoutUsingYList.Update(), which only counts the current generator.JoulesAvailable of all the generators. I think this means that only some of the energy actually produced is counted by the tracker, and so in effect we have to produce some multiple of 240,000kJ.