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  1. I'm not sure what the minimum is, but there is no maximum pressure. Efficiency is only limited by temperature of incoming steam and number of open ports. I think that's in the wiki.
  2. 360° Base Aquarium.

    Pacus (contrary to the text) can live in any fluid, even petroleum. Salt water is fine.
  3. Locavore/Carnivore

    I've managed to very consistently get Locavore + Carnivore by using 2 to 4 full sized hatch ranches and running 4 to 8 incubators. I've found that Oasisse is actually one of the easiest maps to do this, since the multiple sandstone biomes have a loooot of hatches, reducing the need to incubate ehhs.
  4. When generating a new asteroid on Linux, conflicting traits still seem to appear, as in the screenshot below (seed: 916268918). When on Windows, the traits generated are Volcanoes, Geoactive, Metal Rich.
  5. Achievements broken?

    It's actually even worse -- the first schedule OnSpawn is 5s, but the interval between updates (see CheckAchievements) is 12s. Either way, it's totally broken.
  6. Achievements broken?

    Yes, H2 generators work for Super Sustainable. No, the second you build a non-clean generator, you are automatically disqualified
  7. If the time unit is 5 per second, then that would mean a factor of 12 (so 240 x 12MJ), since the code only counts the power generated during the current 200ms time slice. So it's gonna be a long long time till OP will get the achievement.
  8. Is Locavore achievable?

    List<Tag> disallowedBuildings = new List<Tag>(); disallowedBuildings.Add(Tag.op_Implicit("MethaneGenerator")); disallowedBuildings.Add(Tag.op_Implicit("PetroleumGenerator")); disallowedBuildings.Add(Tag.op_Implicit("WoodGasGenerator")); disallowedBuildings.Add(Tag.op_Implicit("Generator")); ProduceXEngeryWithoutUsingYList withoutUsingYlist = new ProduceXEngeryWithoutUsingYList(240000f, disallowedBuildings); I think it's pretty clear from the naming that it's the buildings. Also in ProduceXEngeryWithoutUsingYList.Update(), it only iterates over the generators in energySim when checking for `usedDisallowedBuilding`. It really is pretty frustrating though. I think until this is fixed the achievement will require ~10x the amount stated in the text.
  9. Is Locavore achievable?

    Based on the code: Locavore only checks planter boxes/farm tiles/hydroponic tiles for non-decor plants. Carnivore was fixed recently to count BBQ, fish, cooked fish, surf and turf, burger. Super Sustainable is (I think) broken in how it counts energy (see below), but only building coal, methane, petrol or wood generators will disable it (in particular, you should be able to use a kiln or refinery with no problems).
  10. The specific heat of water is 4x that of oxygen, so you'll need to sink that much more heat. So it's probably better to cool down the O2 rather than the H2o.
  11. I read the decompiled code and I think the issue is that ColonyAchievementTracker updates achievements every 12 time units (not sure what the unit is), which then runs ProduceXEngeryWithoutUsingYList.Update(), which only counts the current generator.JoulesAvailable of all the generators. I think this means that only some of the energy actually produced is counted by the tracker, and so in effect we have to produce some multiple of 240,000kJ.