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  1. Thank you, this is my Klei ID KU_SCXJIDOP Thank you!!!! I will do this
  2. Sorry, I was in a zoom class. What is KU and how do i find it? i took a screenshot
  3. Yes, I always have those turned off and still nothing. I also didn't get my twitch drop but I did watch twitch and got notification on twitch that i receive drops, it's not showing in the game but when i check my klei transaction i see it in the history. I was told by someone in the twitter social media to email instead of posting in the forum because you guys might need additional info so im gonna link this forum post in the email.
  4. Nothing there, I think the whole beard is glitched, because I got a daily drop for one of the beards but it never showed up in the inventory.. I checked my transaction and its in the transaction history
  5. Anybody knows if you sign up for the other 2 chinese social sites, do you get extra points for it?
  6. Klei's site I log everyday, I def logged on when they talked about the drops and it shows in the transactions but not in the game at all. No chests in the chest section, no beards in the beards sections in the inventory either.
  7. I still don't have my drop, I log in everyday... I checked the inventory, beard section, and transaction. I saw it in my transaction history but it's not in the game at all.
  8. The game messed up my PS4, it rebuilt database a few times. I got file corrupted for DST.... not much of a loss because I rarely play DST on PS4 but that's something you guys should be aware that the game is corrupting PS4 and causing data corruption. My PS4 went into this rebuilding data base a few times on different days and I know for sure it's DST because I log everyday for the daily drop and I usually get a blue screen of file corruption or some error, then my ps4 goes in rebuilding database. Also, any update on the STEAM situation about the beard chests? I still didnt get it on steam... I log everyday on pc as well.
  9. I had this issue on ps4 but it worked after a day when i relog, I got the chests but on PC I still dont have it. There's no chests either and it's not in the beard section either. I checked my account and there's nothing there. Can someone help pls? here's the pict
  10. Klei should at least let players trade with their friends, on Steam you can trade items. I get duplicate drops like romantic birdcage, and i hate to have it go to waste (unravel for a few spools) if we could trade with friends for their dupes it would be nice.
  11. This is also happening to me, on ps4 and on pc. Also, on pc... I still dont have the beards, no chests and nothing in the inventory
  12. Thank you! I spent the points anyway, but wish Klei would add Gold tools cause end-game nobody really uses the cheap tools. I also wish theres more usage for flint and round tooth, I have been finding myself just throwing those away to eye plants.
  13. Can you get the Hunters Shovel or Hunters Axe through daily drops/in-game drops? Or is it just through rewards points?
  14. Thank you, it worked today on console, I login on PS4 and I got the daily drop and also the beard chests but on STEAM, I didn't get the beards chests. I restarted my laptop, steam and still nothing. I looked into my transactions for STEAM, it doesn't show any beards.