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  1. Proof of Purchase Skins

    Okay...? I started my clan the day before the Beta went live and we are still going to this day, but is that the point here? You sound plenty bitter toward Bungie and I think that is getting in the way of you understanding what I am trying to say. The point I am trying to make is that they have code redemption that works and has been going on for years. Same with Borderlands. Same with plenty of other games. (And, might I add, that many of the original codes for redemption on were free on Destiny 1 and Borderlands 2.) I don't mind shelling out money for plushes, tees, or whatever else to support games I play, that is what keeps servers up. But if there is a download code and it PC only, I won't be buying it. I play on PC as well but none of my friends play there so I play here and I want to continue to get unique skins.
  2. Proof of Purchase Skins

    Are you serious? At least Bungie does not sell people physical items and then remove the redemption so players cannot get their digital items. Edited to add: You may not like Destiny or Bungie, but they are doing code redemption just fine on the ps4. Same for Borderlands. So I have a really hard time understanding why Klei is saying Sony won't allow them to do code redemption when other games seem to have no problem with it.
  3. The PS4 skins shop.

    Beside the opportunity to buy skins, I would like to buy DS/DST avatars. And more themes. (Two themes is simply not enough.)