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  1. Fixed? No, I still can't see the description.
  2. In the level 2-2, the scene with the 2rd lever and gate. As the screenshots shows, the Ninja can just pass through the locked gate without pulling down the lever. This bug occurs in the Steam Original, Steam Remastered and Switch.
  3. Steam Remastered edition. Game running in Chinese. Playing the DLC Dosan tale level. In the beginning of this level, the description of the path of wisdom is missing. I tried played the game in English and the description is shown. And Switch edition has this bug too.
  4. I can see some "\n" in these commentary while playing game in Chinese. Guess these "\n" means new line or carriage return or something. These "\n" may not work. Steam Remastered Edition and Switch Edition all have this bug.
  5. Playing as Path of Wisdom, as the above picture. If I press X button(Xbox360 Controller), and the next moment Ninja will rush to the Elite Guard, then the Elite Guard will choke ninja's neck, lift him up and throw out. Now I have a suggestion: when ninja stand around the elite guard, there will be no X tip and no red frame around the elite guard. (Just like the other Paths) So the ninja can KO the elite guard by repeatly punching, then using take-down to finish stunned elite guard.
  6. I found this bug in both original version and remastered version. I chose Path of Wisdom at the beginning of a level. Took down all enemies without being detected. But after finishing the level, I couldn't get "No Alarm" bonus and found one or two enemies who had red&black exclamatory mark. I'm pretty sure nobody glow exclamatory marks during the whole level. What I know is that, this bug always occurred after the ninja(Path of Wisdom) sneak attack the guard while standing around THAT THING in my upload picture. (Sorry, I don't know how to describe THAT THING in English) And for these levels which have too many enemies, playing as Path of Wisdom always cause this bug.
  7. Thanks for replying. If so, I will pre-purchase the Switch version.
  8. I'm a Chinese steam user and I had purchase MOTN and it's DLC before. Now my steam Library already has remastered version. Thank you for this great game. I noticed that remastered version of Steam supports Simplified Chinese,but Switch version does not. I wonder that will you add Chinese language supporting update for this game in the future?