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  1. I had issue with Sweep By Type mod (an awesome mod by the way) after the update. Disabling it resolved it and I was no longer loading into an error state. I can see you are using the mod as well, try disabling it.
  2. This is because airflow and mesh tiles act as debris. They do not exchange heat with tiles above them. Check out the following post:
  3. You're using 1 extra space vertically. See section 3 of this thread:
  4. Building glass tiles from glass seems to ignore the material's temperature. They are always built at around 45 degrees Celsius regardless of whether the material was at 1000 degrees or at room temperature. When deconstructing, the dropped material keeps the tile's temperature resulting in relatively easy method for heat deletion. On related note: Molten glass freezing point lies 300 K below glass' melting point meaning within this temperature range the material can exist in either state.