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  1. If you want to keep things organised you should make the off topic art thread. I was posting all my stuff in one thread at the beginning and it it got kinda messy.
  2. I think the image is broken for me, I can't see it.
  3. I thought you meant Chester. But for real now, there were multiple threads on this thing already (I mean the set piece, not chester) and we still can't figure out what it is or what it does.
  4. Hi and Welcome to the forums! If you click here, you can search for forums you want check out, then you just need to click on that forum. When you are on forum just pick a topic you are interested in or create your own. There are forums for Don't Starve Together such as General discussions where the players can discuss general things about the game, create polls or other funny discussions, this is the place where developers will post news about the game as well. Then we have Suggestions and Feedback where players can post their suggestions, ideas and feedback about the game. Then we have Mods and Tools which is discussions about mods and stuff. Then Art Music and Lore which is basically art forum you can create your own topic there and share your drawings, creations, photos, music and other related things. And we have Return of Them forum where you can find informations and updates on Return of Them beta. There is also an Off-topic forum, where we are right now, here you can post random or not related to any game stuff. And off course there is Other Klei Services where if you have problems with something on forums or with other klei stuff such as accounts you can seek the help there. I hope this information helps you get around.
  5. Really cute :> But I think she would have like other fish spieces as a skin, like she has shark for triumphant and that fish name I've forgotten for abyssal. And just by googling rose fish I found out that there even is something like this.
  6. Your style is so nice to look at, I love all your drawings, and these too, my heart they're too adorable!
  7. There should be this thing on your profile screen
  8. Looks really nice, I'm still figuring out how I want to draw him.
  9. I mean you said that everything you tried failed, so I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to fix that black screen abyss you must look at when opening the game. Maybe Charlie doesn't let you into the world of Don't Starve because she knows you would be rude and therefore she's blocking your screen, If that's the case then we can't mess with shadow queen's decission cause I don't want to have my own screen blocked as well.
  10. The piece with the castle is really nice, I would choose the darker version. The only thing there missing is some torches to make that cool castle mood with the light from torches. And the Weasly one is really cute.
  11. They stopped because of epidemic.
  12. Looks really nice, I like how you drew Warly and the food looks yummy ^^
  13. I think it could be a fun adventure for some time, but then it would get boring and meaningless when stuck there forever without any objective besides survival.
  14. The style looks really nice and unique.The first one looks like it would be part of a comic.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forums! https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/15-dont-starve-art-music-lore/ here you can post your art related to don't starve/ don't starve together. You just need to create your own topic which is as simple as clicking the big orange button, then you just need to name your topic, and write or throw some pictures in the place bellow it. Your topic will be ready and you'll be able to post your art in there in replies. To post your drawings just drag them on your "writting space" when replying to the topic.