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  1. Hey SD. I know that you like Wes a lot that you main as him. So Why not tell me that you and Wes get along with each other mentally, and subconsciously. If you are interested here is a topic I made. I bet you, and Wes will go on wacky adventures on the DS world.

  2. If you want to Eliminate Wes go ahead, but be careful to watch the eyes. When it is black It's just Wes, But when it turns blue that is where I came in. Here is the example. Yeah you won't be able to eliminate him as long as I'm around. I use the new pantomime and balloonomancy skills, with my idea to survive the world.
  3. Remember the DST cinematic where Charlie has two sides (one is her normal personality, and the other is Them{which they processed her}). do you ever wonder that you loved your main so much some strange force pulled your heart; soul; and mind out of your body, then put it inside your main's body. I Thought it would be cool that you, and you main shares the mains body, and communicate with each other within their subconscious. Show or tell everyone your Main/Player Body share, the personality of the player that merged with the DST main, and how where they get along each other :and survival the world that the dark queen Charlie has created. Here is my Player/Main body share of me and Wes. My personality is good; brave; agile; and potential, while Wes' personality is fragile; selective mute, and all mime. The glasses that is on his face is mine, because before my merge to Wes my eye can't see as far far away. We get along just fine because I am always there for him when there is danger with my agile thinking, also Wes and I has a has a passion of being mimes. When He was sleeping Wes has teaching me all of his mime, and balloonomancy. From time to time Wes let me try out his moves in the conscious state. In the strange world that has magic I wanted to try out new balloonomancy Ideas to the other survivors (including Wes) to help with the survival.
  4. That is great news. I am happy that you got a new tablet. I hope that you have a lots of fun doing digital art on it.
  5. Hey there I wanted to posted Christmas gift art for you in Tumblr and gmail, But I don't know that you respond to me on my email or it didn't reach to you. So I  will post it to your Klei.5e04453e43e0e_HolidaygiftforWes.thumb.jpg.c026e0a620dd006b2568059f6d6dd4fc.jpg

    I Tried my best to make your version of Wes accurate. I hope you like it? Respond to me on my email, or mobile phone at my carrd website here. Merry Chistmas @SDragonhead from your bud @Ruscole1. Please don't block me I am a very good guy, not a robot. I would never wrong you, and your loved ones.

  6. Best Wes skin [POLL]

    I would say the Pierrot is my fav. He looks like a very cute clown/mime, and it suits him for his balloons.
  7. I am a Wes main, because I kind of liked him. I don't what am I chose him and he is kind of character for hardcore players, but somehow some of my ancestors are French. Wes is a cute and kind mime. I wanted to be like him someday.