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  1. I'm looking to add a few custom items for my character, but I am very inexperienced. I'm not sure if all my ideas are possible, and I have no idea where to start with coding them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here's what I'd like to add: 1. A Dream item - Would be collected after waking up from sleeping. - Could only be used by the modded character. - Could be used on sleeping mobs to extend their sleeping time and prevent them from waking up until the Dream wears off. - Could be harvested from sleeping mobs. - Could harvest dreams from sleeping players. Webbers would give two dreams. Cannot be harvested from Wickerbottoms. - Could be used on self to restore some sanity over time, but become groggy until it wears off. - Could be used on non sleeping mobs to slow them down and weaken their attacks. - Could be used on other players that are awake to temporarily make them groggy and gain sanity until the dream wears off. - Could be used on sleeping players to boost sanity gain. - Would dissipate if dropped on the ground, and cannot be placed in containers. 2. A Nightmare item - Crafted from 1 Dream and 1 Nightmare fuel in the Magic tab. - Could only be used by the modded character. - Immediately wakes the sleeping mob it is used on, and prevents them from falling asleep for some time. - Could be used on self to prevent sleeping, grogginess, and stop any sanity gain until it wears off. - Could be used on sleeping players to instantly wake them without becoming groggy, lose 15 sanity, and prevent any sanity gain until the nightmare wears off. - Could be harvested from sleeping Wickerbottoms. - Would dissipate if dropped on the ground, and cannot be placed in containers. 3. A Nightmare sword - Crafted from 1 Dark sword and 5 Nightmares in the Magic tab. - Does extra damage to sleeping targets, and does not wake them. Would these ideas be possible to implement? How would I go about doing this?
  2. I was gathering light bulbs in the caves, when I suddenly got disconnected from my world. When I rejoined, my inventory had completely changed for some reason. I had been wearing a floral shirt and football helmet, with only a lantern, miner hat, and some light bulbs in my inventory before the disconnect. When I reconnected, my floral shirt was missing, and I got a bunch of things in my inventory that weren't there before.
  3. My world has caves enabled, but they keep getting blocked when off screen. Quitting and rejoining the world temporarily fixes this, but I have had to do this every single time I want to go into the caves.
  4. I noticed that while the music volume is fine, the other sounds seem a lot quieter. I can still hear them a bit, but I have to turn down the music option to properly hear them. I also got startled when smashing some bones in the desert biome, as they were very loud when being smashed. Edit: After checking around, it seems like on the main menu, the music is too loud and the sounds are too quiet. Once in a world however, its the reverse, so the music becomes too quiet and the sounds too loud.
  5. Both on the main menu and in game, the music seems to be so quiet that I cannot hear it, even with the sound turned up very high. I tried verifying the game files, but that didn't seem to help.
  6. When I have my item collection open, all of the characters's head skin does not appear properly. It shows as their default head, even if a different one is selected.
  7. Yes! I finally found it! It turns out you were right about the aspect ratio being really weird. It only took me a minute to find it after windowing it. Thank you! Do you know of any way to fix it besides windowing it?
  8. Oh ok, thank you! I will have to try doing that.
  9. So to upload a save I go to the report a bug option from in game right? I don’t quite remember.
  10. Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks, I’ll have to check when I next play. Edit: So I checked all of the areas you marked, and I didn’t see any sort of cracks on the bottom. Could it be that since my crafting tabs block the left walls there could be one on the left side of a wall somewhere? I only have 1 gunpowder left.
  11. I have double checked every room in the ruins with the Ends Well, and for the life of me I cannot find the cracked wall that should lead to the calendar.
  12. After walking through the jungle near some glowfly cocoons, all the sounds just stopped? The music still seems to work fine. I just can't hear any of the sounds such as the science machine chime, character speaking, gaining sanity, etc. I tried exiting the game and going back in but the sounds are still gone. Even going through the pause menu and such are missing their sound too during this glitch. Edit: I just entered and exited a hamlet cave and it seems to have fixed the glitch. Edit: Sound disappeared again while putting stuff in a chest?
  13. When I walk near a certain part of the land near the ocean, my character will fall into the ocean.
  14. After dying on a boat, I used a meat effigy that was on the main land a fair distance away, and the boats health meter did not go away.
  15. After placing a bird into a birdcage, it will randomly disappear while I am away from it. It doesn't die, because there are no bones left behind. I'll be gone for only 1 in-game day and by the time I've gotten back the bird is just... gone? I've lost 3 birds in the span of about 6 in-game days. Edit: After looking at other peoples reports of bugs, and some experimenting, it turns out that the birds disappear because of leaving and rejoining the server.