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  1. Deciduous turf appears invisible in my inventory.
  2. When attempting to use the Lantern with the Tesla Coil skin, it often turns invisible.
  3. When going to create or select a new world, the borders on the top and bottom of my screen turn blue, instead of remaining their usual black.
  4. Cave sounds on the surface

    Yes, I was in a bat cave, but after creating a new world I noticed things still sounded a bit echo-ey, even when I hadn't entered a bat cave yet, which was why I was unsure if it was a bug or not.
  5. After leaving a cave in Hamlet, I noticed that the sounds were echoing like I was in the cave still. I tried saving and quitting, but that didn't help. Edit: I just realized this may not be a bug and that the sounds could've just been adjusted in the recent update. Please disregard this bug report if it is indeed the case, as I wasn't sure how to delete it.
  6. When playing as Wagstaff, as soon as it turned to daytime, he got this weird static effect on him.
  7. When playing shipwrecked, I noticed that in the Hurricane season, that there was an invisible object that continuously created clouds of dust like something was being destroyed.
  8. When creating a medium sized Hamlet world, I noticed that a few pig farms had tried to spawn in the same place.
  9. When smoldering as Wormwood in the summer, the ice flingomatic was unable to extinguish him, even when he burst into flames.
  10. When I entered the caves as Wormwood, he immediately went into his blooming state, even though it was the middle of summer. After returning to the surface for about a minute, he went back to his proper state.
  11. Sometime a frog will spawn, but be invisible. The only way to tell its there is to look for a shadow. The frog in the picture is the shadow underneath the pond on the left.
  12. When planting seeds into a regular farm, Wormwood did not gain any sanity.
  13. I noticed that I was able to eat birchnuts without cooking them first while playing as Wormwood. Not sure if they've been changed or a bug.
  14. Every couple of seconds, some of the sounds in the game will lag, get stretched out or something like that? It gets especially bad when there are multiple creatures on the screen. It happens when I tried Shipwrecked too.
  15. When playing as Wormwood, I attempted to plant the Magic Flower in the deep jungle, causing the game to instantly crash.