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  1. The canister filler, unlike the pitcher pump, has an empty storage button that allows you to clear it if it fills with an unwanted gas. As near as I can tell, emptying the filler is always a priority 5 tidy errand. I usually end up having to build the filler behind a door so I can force a dupe to empty it if necessary.
  2. The heat from rockets seems to distributed strangely. Here is my hydrogen rocket landing. The pit below the rocket is 9 tiles deep. The regolith in the pit rarely exceeds about 400C but above the doors, tiles flake to igneous rock which melts to magma and there is not much I can do about it. Fortunately it evaporates in space before it does damage.
  3. I would be more into this idea if the gas bottler wasn't such a PITA. The building needs a priority.
  4. add in -20% stress from sunny disposition and its not a big deal even if you miss the mark on moral several cycles in a row. I am very much hoping that this will not remain the case. Astronauts being removed from the colony when on mission and being able to leave astronauts permanently in the rocket is just lame imo.
  5. really? that seems strange. I assume they complete the shower errand? My dupe missed it in the previous screen, but she does get socialized all by herself at the water cooler. She must hear voices...
  6. Depends on the moral requirements of the dupe using it. My only dupe can meet their moral requirements with no decor bonus.
  7. Couple of examples where I have found use for mini-pumps. Small refinery room. Size makes it advantageous and the volume of gas that needs to be pumped is small. LH2 and LOX production. Again, size makes it advantageous but the limited volume it pumps is part of the build. So the 2 main things I get from farming shine bugs is light and decor. If you are farming them for light to use with a solar panel, there is no point to the high level morphs. If you are farming for decor, the top morph is like +90 decor and you get +15 from the light and they live for 75 cycles. I haven't had a bug farm in a while, but the last time I did not have to feed them special food to advance them to the higher morphs.
  8. Been starting at them for months. Trying to puzzle out what they are for?
  9. Water Seive

    batteries make a good solution. no cost heating.
  10. It would be nice as a way to detect the oil->petro phase change.
  11. I was not in a hurry to get into space. At cycle 200 I tunneled up to the surface to dig a vacuum barrier across the top so the heat didn't propagate down through the regolith. Then I took my time. First launch was right about 500, but I could have done it earlier than that.
  12. On the off chance someone is interested, here is the solution I found. Command module "ready to launch" disables the gantry and opens the doors. When rocket is on mission, the doors close and the gantry stays disabled. When the returning rocket is detected, doors open and gantry stays disabled. When rocket has landed the doors close and the gantry enables. It requires an atmo sensor at the base of the rocket that triggers at 2Kg (for a hydrogen rocket. petro and steam maybe different).
  13. this must be where the igneous rock in my silo keeps coming from.