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  1. Benchmark Thread

    For this to really mean anything, the game should be running on the system's main display at a standard resolution. External displays can add additional overhead that may affect performance. Since many of us run on laptops, the main display resolution can be limited, so the standard resolution should be in the range that most laptop main displays can handle. edit: also, windowed/full screen should be standardized as well as refresh rate.
  2. This is my main disappointment with the announcement of going live with the game. I would pay for the 3 additional biomes as DLC if they used the time to fix the late game performance problems. Late game save performance is almost as much of an issue as FPS.
  3. if you deconstruct the building that was to be upgraded, the upgrade material will spawn in addition to the original material of the building. This seems to only be tiles. Upgraded wires, pipes and ladders will properly spawn the upgrade material when cancelled.
  4. DId you not see what I was responding to? Critters will not path through a closed door because it was open at the time of calculation.
  5. Just tested this with Mk3. Door on open: Set door to auto, door closes and breaks the critters pathing. agreed, but its harder for drekos when you need to keep gases contained as well. perfect for hatches. Also, shove voles seem to be able to occasionally jump a 2 tile gap.
  6. Anymore, drekos are the only critter that I keep in a closed stable. This was my Mk2 dreko stable which lived for 400 cycles without an escape.
  7. something definitely changed. same setup for both versions. Mk2 the lure could not pull the bugs with a dupe idling in the door. Mk3 it takes them a moment, but the lure will pull them through the door.
  8. Look at the way the pwater is distributed in the pool and that might tell you something. pwater is "heavier" than water and wants to fall to the bottom. But there is little to no lateral movement of the pwater in the pool so it cannot distribute itself along the bottom. Mixed fluids tend to form "pockets" that do not change much over time.
  9. A lot of my rancher's time is wasted calling a critter to the grooming station. Would be nice if ranching skill could give critters a run buff.
  10. I'll leave it alone after this. I know this can be a touchy subject and I am not looking to offend. Say, for example, one of the many threads about fixed temp output buildings gets hot. I would give a big thank you if a red name chimed in with a quick post like "Fixed temperature output buildings are a core mechanic of our game and many aspects of gameplay are developed with this in mind." Bam! end of debate and we can move on. Alternatively, they could say "We appreciate the discussion generated on this topic. please continue." We would know the topic was of interest to the developers and give it due consideration. Neither statement costs them anything but a moment of time if they are reading the forums anyway. There is already endless discussions of whether they are wanting the right thing. Gamers are gamers after all. To be explicit, I do not feel entitled to a response from the devs about anything. They will run their forums as they see fit and I am a guest here. That doesn't mean a response is not desirable or would not be appreciated.
  11. wtf! Still learning everyday. Polluted Ice also has a different SHC from pw, 3.05
  12. Interesting. I tried this approach a while back but it kept overheating so I gave up. Maybe not enough water? I will try it out!
  13. Ok, expected was not the best word. I don't "expect" anything from a for-profit company except they seek profits. How about, are we not JUSTIFIED in wanting and asking for said feedback?
  14. I really do not agree. This is an early access game. Essentially, it is a open beta (alpha really if you got in early) that we had to PAY to participate. Granted, we got a good price and will get to keep playing the game after release. But the company got a huge bump in available funds to continue development. That is not nothing. Is it not at least reasonable to expect a bit of feedback on bug reports considering we have paid money and taken time to submit them? Jokes aside, I would ask, wouldn't the discussion here be more "on target" and the bug reports more accurate if we had a general idea from Klei on what kinds of game behavior are intended?
  15. Seems like there multiple topics being debated here. Personally, I do not think we should be discussing @FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX motives. There seems to be a lot of conjecture going on here. Topic #1: Are threads communal property or are they content created by the OP? I think the forum software answers this. The forum currently assigns ownership of a thread to the OP. That is unlikely to change. It's not like we do not have access to the cached page. If someone feels this information is important to other players, they can pick up the banner, make a new thread, and continue the charge. The forum software could definitely be improved by having a dedicated sideboard for stickied threads but we make due with what we have at hand. The community could make a consolidated thread and bump it weekly if we thought it was that important. Topic #2: Are the devs doing a good job communicating with us forum posters? Are we justified if we feel like we are being ignored? I doubt anyone thinks Klei should kowtow to us forum users the way several MMO developers do. I would hope they are interested in our feedback on general discussion and suggestions. But I think the real issue is in the bug reporting. This may seem a bit arrogant, but I feel as early release purchasers, we are not merely players. We spent money on an incomplete game. The probability that Klei will have a successful launch of ONI and make a profit from the game was increased because we gave them money ahead of launch. Many purchasers just wanted to support what appeared to be a good game. Many of us also wanted to help participate in the development process by giving feedback and reporting bugs. I feel Klei has some obligation to do us a solid and communicate their stance on bug related issues in a somewhat timely fashion. Maybe that could change without too much effort.