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  1. HELLO, FELLOW STARVERS!!! :> I'm new to these here fine forums, and! Lost and confused!!! But I figured I'd just jump in headfirst anyway. X3 I am somewhat less new to creating Don't Starve fanworks; you can find my previous misadventures on DeviantArt and my (bizarre) Willowson fanfiction on AO3! All my art is traditional, and all my photos are taken with my phone and terrible. You have been warned. Most of my Don't Starve fanworks revolve around my personal (WEIRD) headcanons & fanfiction, 'Fight, Flight, and Fire's Light', so if you're interested or actively reading it, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! If you're not planning on reading it, that's probably a good life choice, but expect to be very confused. Feel free to ask me questions!! I will happily talk about these things forever, as you may have already guessed. I have a LOT of art, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed just finding my way around here so let's just. Start with a few simple things. Like introductions! ^ My persona, Don't Starve edition: WhimsiKitty! This is what the cool kids do these days, right?? Colored pencil, drawn,,, sometime last spring I think? ;d ^ Little watercolor abstract-style concept thing from (again) last spring! Wilson in a gemstone. Welcome to my imagination! and finally, Dragon!Wilson and Modern!Willow: the basis of my fanfiction! Watercolor and Ink. Also from last spring, but it's still one of my favorites! X3 I promise my style has improved since. Not that this... is this my regular style. (Presuming I have one!) *curtsies* AND THERE YOU HAVE A TASTE OF MY MADNESS, I'm just gonna. Leave now. I have oodles of more doodles, if you wish to see them, but I'm not online much so forgive my slow responses, please! For now, let's just see if I did this thing right, eh? ;3
  2. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Touche, hehe hmmm,,, Kacey is actually a gender neutral name, but it's more commonly feminine, so I can see where you're coming from :> Kamsi is fine, too! (Maybe Whimsi disagrees with Kage on this in universe, haha - "Hey, my name is Kasi! I mean, Kamsi! Ugh, Kage Kitty? Whatever...") pfffff! >w> It was a trap all along, mwahaha!
  3. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    No worries, no harm done! :> Onto the art dump! The theme this week is fusions, so prepare for some weird, obscure nonsense OwO I've never seen SU or anything w/ Canon fusion content, but I love the trope, and probably should >w> This is Wrensi, the fusion of @Auspice's lovely DS OC, Wren, and my DS OC Whimsi! This was so much fun to work on, jhgjkhf I love this combination! >w< this is about a week old; ink, marker and colored pencil. the logical continuation, of course, is ...Telltale, triumphant Wrensi, (Melpomeme + Wraith)! Too many black markers, ink and colored pencil, same day. Whensie (?), the fusion of Sav's Wenzel and Whimsi. Just a nervous kitten. I haven't bumped into her on the Klei forums yet, I don't think. @SavvySlick? That you? Of course, I had to do Whimsi and @DragonMage156's Kage! Kamsi? Kasi? Not sure we settled on one. Onto some /ooold/ fusion content ehehe phew, that was a long one. Hope that makes up for the week I missed!
  4. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    >o> Hmmmmmm, then I was indeed mistaken! But I probably still won't get into it,,, eh, I don't watch a lot of long videos. Too impatient, ehehe ;P 1. Pfff, probably? Though, I have yet to see her lighter go out,,, 2. phsglshrwjjf that wasn't the intention, but, maybe? >w< This can only mean sobriety = insanity,,,,, proof I am insane :0 3. Oh, shoot. Which Discord? I know I need to get better about signing or watermarking. @DragonMage156, I don't mind you reposting art I've drawn for you, but please mention that I drew it! And maybe drop a link to this page, or my dA, if it's no trouble?
  5. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Hmmm, I might draw something for it someday,,, but I don't have twitch, I wouldn't be able to watch the stream >w> So eh. :0 I suppose I thought you knew,,, how silly of me! I'm glad to hear you liked it!! >w< I can let you know right before I upload the next chapter if you like, so you can check for comments or anything :> And I'm willing to re-post the extra chapter separately if anyone asks me to.
  6. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Aaaand we're back, with another round of DS art! Inspired by a snippet of dialogue I was rather pleased with from chapter 2 of my fic. Ah, back before things got weird >w> Ink and colored pencils, from last Decemberish. This (along with the next two) are recent! A week old, give or take. This is ink and brush (as opposed to my more regular india ink pens). Ink and colored pencil... I was originally intending to give him a peaceful expression, but I suppose he had something on his mind ;d Markers, on the back of my to-do list! I'm not usually good w/ markers, so this was a pleasant surprise! Meet Melpomene, the triumphant version of my 'sona/OC, DS!Whimsi! Ink and colored pencil, from last month. @DragonMage156's boy, Kage, again! Also from last month, ink and colored pencil. He's such a cute lad >w< I had forgotten about this entirely, and just found it when going through some papers. Just an idle to-do list doodle from last... April? In pen. I think this is long enough w/out the art spoiler, but fear not! We'll get back to delving through the old stuff soon enough >w<
  7. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Ah, I have indeed been curious about the stream! I'll def go check it out :> Thank you! It's good to be back! Haha, good point... but the whole doodle was inspired by two people trying to share one flower crown X3 Not sure why the idea struck me as funny, really.
  8. EmiAlvi's art!

    :0 I love your art style! The poses are all so sassy and expressive, Warly looks fabulous X3
  9. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Well, hello hello, DS mates! It's sure been a time! I've been wandering fandoms and working on more of my original stuff lately, but I'm finally working my way back into the DS business. I suppose I'm just a flake like that sometimes. (Did anyone here catch my April Fools' chapter? It's still there until I post the next real chapter! I haven't been /completely/ inactive all spring...) But that's enough about me; I'm sure you're here for the art! DnD Wilson! He's based after the character in my fic (Dragonishness and all), and yes, I do intend to actually play him >:3 Drawn last month, colored pencils and ink. I'm not sure why I haven't posted this anywhere yet (?). Ink last December; colored in pencil in April. He's a combination of my modern!Wilson and dragon!Wilson designs. Wonder what he's reading and listening to?"AAA"/Dragon Wilson interacting with my OC, Alexa. Pencil and ink, maybe uhhh 3 months ago. Spoiler for Unnecessarily Long Explination, hehe. I'm ridiculously pleased with this; the crown of my 3D creations! It's just cardboard, hot glue and acrylic paint. Yes, you can actually see out the eyeholes. Created,,,, uh, (it's not signed and dated), last? March? Ish? And lastly (for now), I think I drew this last weekend? (Pencils) As a warm-up of sorts, tryin' to re-find my DS groove :> which is why it's a little, ehh, sub-par. I'm out of practice! ~Thank you for looking! Please comment, let me know your thoughts - or just that you're still there, haha! -v- And hopefully I can resume more regular updates soon, but this summer will be busy for me so we shall see~
  10. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Haha, ikr?? True horror right there ;P And - probably not very effective! XD But it'd sure make for a dramatic entrance... Yesss, Mushu! (And thank you X3 I have a tendency to lose it during the holiday season...) Haha, good point! It'd be pretty cool if he did have better balance as a dragon/half-dragon, but I'm mean, sooo,,, probably not :> /cue Wilson falling over backwards on Willow/ Eee, thanks! >u< I've actually given a little thought to what I would do for fanchildren... there'd have to be at least one firebreather, and at least one *gasps in horror* nerd X3 OoooOOOoo, that would have been an interesting direction to take the story! In my original notes/drafts, Willow was going to say something like that to Wilson - assuming the Don't Starve world is entirely a hallucination, and that she was probably in reality scolding a lizard or skink on a sidewalk somewhere (the lizard supposedly being Wilson in her imagination). Her character took a different direction tho, so she just accepts the weirdness as real. I do love writing dreams/misconceptions of reality for characters, but the things happening in the fic are "real", I assure you :>
  11. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    I LIIIIIIVE! (Halfhearted) apologies for my sudden disappearance! Unfortunately, I can't promise I'll be back regularly yet, either, given the upcoming holiday stress. (You can check my DA for /slightly/ more reliable updates,,,,,,, if you miss me or smth, pff.) Anywho, I'm here for now! :> Ink & watercolor, from about a week ago :> I wanted to go back to a simpler, cutesier cartoony style... Hhh. Last October, ink & pencil... I spent too much time and effort on this, considering it's prooobably the trashiest ship content I've yet drawn... >u>That said, I could have done worse things, so eh. Ink & pencil, sssometime, uh, mid-November? Just a concept/expiremental doodle showing some Willow insanity! Wilson's trying to help her, but it looks more like he's going to strum her like a guitar...
  12. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    That, or he somehow made one! He's doing a poor job of hiding his blush from Willow! X3
  13. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Hhhhhello, internet! I don't have any good new DS art to share, but to those whom it may concern, chapter 9 is up! My motivation's really been flagging on the fic, as of late... :/ But thaaat's maybe because we're getting close to the chapter I've been stalling on: 11 /dun dun dunnn/ anyway, here's the Hidden Art of the week - Mostly/Partly Reversed AUs (from, y'know, my normal Dragon!Wilson, Modern!Willow nonsense X3)
  14. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    (In spoiler for length, haha!) Thanks for taking the time to leave such a long, sweet comment! X3
  15. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    ;w; Thank you!! And, encaustics are really fun! I've only done a few, and only ever used beeswax + oil, but I think other types of wax can be smoother/easier to work with. You throw it on, then melt it with warm sunshine/a hair dryer/etc. Really messy, really slow to dry, smells good. X3 Aw, thanks!! X3 Yes, I love drawing with white on colored paper! Something about the texture and brightness tricks my eyes into thinking it's shiny... fun to play with :>
  16. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Helloooo, starvin' fam! Finally, a weekend where I have a minute and a brain! Amazing :0 I don't have much new DS art- I've been focused on writing! To those whom it may concern, Chapter 9 will probably be out in a week! We'll see how updating goes w/ the holidays on the horizon, though ;d Anyway ~ on to the art! Ink & pencils, from last August! Willow's there for an (approximate) size comparison. Wilson's probably the best dragon I've designed to date, which is pretty funny given the absurdity of his existence and how much time I've spent working on other (cooler) dragons! He's also designed to be more human-looking than most of my dragons, mostly in the eyes/face. I updated the way I draw his eyes just recently to reflect this/further differentiate from my regular dragons' eyes. 'Bout a week old, ink & pencils. :> (ignore his horns, I totally goofed them up. Face-on dragon heads are hard ;w;) Hidden art of the week is Just Dragon Wilson ;P
  17. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    ...The top doodle, meaning, the picture with color? Nah, the first image on that page (the kiss >u>) has no context whatsoever and was just for fun! The other two sketches just beneath are (unrelated) concept for their conversation upon realising they come from different times (according to my goofy headcanon where Willow is modern).
  18. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Hhhh. Short art dump again this week - I'm not feeling well. It makes me loopy... or loopier than usual! ;P Willowson sketches from about a month ago, some concept for the fic ;> Art Spoiler this week features plain and simple pencil sketches - nothin' too outlandish ;> vvv
  19. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Eeee, you're welcome! And thank you!! ^u^ I think it's in my DA scraps... /shrugs/ Haha, thanks! :0 You're right, it totally does!! I would watch a Don't Starve anime :> Heheheee, yes x3 ;v; Thank you!!! I love drawing gravity-defying hair! >u<
  20. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Eeee, thank you!!!! I really admire your dragonish designs, so I'm extra flattered! X3 *whispers* (I've also spent waaay too much time on these, hahahaaa) ~~~~~~~ AS FOR THE ART DUMP OF THE WEEK...! I'm tired -v- It's been a long week, so this one will be shorter, I think. @DragonMage156's boi, Kage!! I just finished this... a few days ago?? Losing track of time here. Pencil and iNK, CAN YOU TELL MY PEN WAS DYING :v I wholeheartedly believe this would work and you can't convince me otherwise! X3 colored pencil, from..... a week.... ago? I think???¿ Annnd the theme of this art spoiler is ~ mini-comics! Most of these are not that old, actually. Lemme know if you can't read my handwriting and want a translation, haha!
  21. Auspice's Art

    T'WAS I, INDEED! Aww X3 Thanks! Hey, I was meaning to ask - would you permit me to draw your dragon survivor designs, if I credit you?? :>
  22. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Aww, thank you!!! >u< You're too kind!
  23. Auspice's Art

    I know X3 I was just so excited (and totally not expecting) you'd recommend my stuff to someone, like ;v; asdfhjl what an honor, I am unworthy Also I'm taking up space on Said Someone's art blog with irrelevant glee so *clears throat* Apologies, do carry on :>
  24. Auspice's Art

    *wheeeeze* I finally caught up!! You've got some really great stuff here, Auspice!! I totally dig your dragon designs (as I may have said before) - They're all so creative, and kept in character nicely!! I love your ideas :> Especially your explanations for the transformations and how long it takes, and :0, the animation of Wilson turning is AWESOME. As is your other animation! And Wren is lovely :> I hope to see more of them! also...... while I was archive diving... :00000 Are u guys...? ....talkin' about???? me???? *fangirl screaming/choking/dying/etc. sounds of disbelief and delight* ;v; omigoodness <3 This is true! (Whimsi replies casually to your message from months ago, which was not even directed at her,) But luck, lolol, idk if I would call this /luck/, asfghkll you are too kind :0 These are incredible, woah. See, Dragon Survivors /are/ cool, (or yours are lolol)! The texture and backgrounds are overall very pretty... I'm particularly drawn to this last one, his deep-set bright eyes are very striking, and the tears/ink/blood/uh/liquid flow seems both natural and... creepily not... it's perfect :> *spews and splutters more* y'all >u<
  25. Whimsi's Weird Artwork & Headcanons!

    Haha! Probably better, actually... if you don't mind the smoke :> Yesss, my hugging people are almost always too far away from each other at the start! Idk if I'm the right person to give you tips; I'm not so skilled myself! I guess I'd just recommend starting light and keeping a great eraser nearby! ;P Hahaahaaaa youuu found me out!! X'D