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  1. QOL update report

    Well look, Willow's lighter is bugged. In the pig ruins it goes out when entering a new room. This has been reported since at least October 17th. I just went looking for a fix and I found the missing line of code in only a few minutes. But, in looking to see how long this has been a problem, I found that someone else also found the fix. This was a known problem for months, and if someone would have just looked at the code, it would be staring them in the face. Even now, after the fix has been posted -- and has been up there for days -- I don't see that they have fixed it on their end. It just seems to me, that they have no interest in giving their customers a good experience.
  2. QOL update report

    I don't see why I should give these people a pass because they are game designers, and treat these dates as mere aspirational goals rather than sincere promises because it is hard. Lots of jobs are hard, and missing a deadline is breaking a promise--no matter who you are. I agree, that does not bode well for this game.
  3. QOL update report

    Scrooge here. I must say, I am quite disappointed in this announcement. I work in a deadline-driven job, yet our company is insistent that we do not go to work sick. We still get things done on time though. One of the ways we do that is to realize that people will be getting sick this time of year, and plan accordingly. So to blame this on sickness is really unacceptable. I could see pushing it back a few days because some people got sick, but saying we won't see anything until well into the new year... I don't buy it. It just sounds to me like nobody wants to work on this game.
  4. QOL update report

    meh. bah humbug. EDIT: REALLY!?! You tease us with this supposed "Quality Of Life (TM) " update... And all we get is: Sorry guys, KLEI_NAME had the sniffles, so you get =nil under your Christmas tree!?
  5. I dug up a bunch of regular grass tufts from the town, but when I planted them near my camp they became tall grass. All of that flint wasted.
  6. A new kind of let's play

    Second episode! Watch here.
  7. A new kind of let's play

    I have created something that I have never seen done with let's play videos. I have taken the raw footage of two people playing Don't Starve Together and cut it together documentary style with b-roll transitions I made using my own custom mod (with great help from the tutorials and members on the Klei forums). The result tuned out surprisingly well and makes me laugh each time I see it. I have plans for more episodes if there is interest. Check out the video here. Or watch it directly on this page: All comments and criticisms are welcome!