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  1. Save File Editor

    I stand corrected. Well I apologize for breaking your editor . Ok, I'm sorry if I'm aggravating, but I just now deactivated ALL mods, started a new game, saved and closed ONI. Tried your editor again to no alas. Here's the fresh save file just in case. Either way, I've used your editor before and it's fantastic. Thank you very much for all the effort you've put into this, you've gotten it really polished and streamlined since the last time I used it. I guess I'll just wait until your fix comes through to try and use it again. Thanks!!! Committee.sav
  2. Save File Editor

    My problem is with the save also. But it doesnt matter if i have mods active or not I still can never save.This is before and after clicking the save button
  3. Save File Editor

    Immediately after i load it, without even making a change, i can click save and it pops up that error... Same when i make changes too, whether its 1 or 2, etc.
  4. Save File Editor

    Well i deactivated ALL of my mods, created a new game, saved, tried to edit and save and still no luck.... Did you have to fully delete the mods out of the mods folder or just deactivate them to get it to work?
  5. Save File Editor

    You think it's at all possible that any of the mods I'm using may be the problem?? If so I could list them for you if needed... I also just tried it on another browser (Firefox) thinking maybe Opera was the reason it wasn't working, no change, still won't work
  6. Save File Editor

    New Beast System.sav I've been trying to remove the flatulent stat from Ren. When I'm finished i click the save icon, and looks as if nothing happens. when i click the overview tab it says that statement i quoted before.
  7. Save File Editor

    It doesn't seem to support QoL3. I went to save it and got the same error.... ."Error while processing content: l.toUnsigned is not a function"
  8. Is this a Bug with Chlorine?

    They used to stop at 2kg didn't they? Everything did whether it was sublimation or the diffusers. Does that also mean that the regular vents will also stop at 1.8kg?
  9. I've made a storage facility and ive gotten 2 different storages with Bleach Stone. One of them stop doing the animation that shows that they're off gassing chlorine. But both of them are constantly off gassing full time but the room's pressure WILL NOT go over 1799.9g of Chlorine. I thought they sublimate until 2000g and then stop? What am I missing? EDIT** Upon looking further, it seems that ALL gasses are doing this. My Oxygen Diffusers are are doing the same thing. They go up to 1800g and stop. What changed and why?
  10. I know this has probably been suggested more than a few times. But since the Developers said in their latest post that they will be watching the forums to look for suggestions and such I thought what better time to bring it back up. I know that debug mode has a blueprint system, but not only does it auto-build but it also breaks powerlines and stuff. What I'm asking for is something more along the lines of just laying down all the outlines of everything and the dupes come in afterwards and dig and build everything out. Icing on the cake would be if you could setup some sort of repository of the community's blueprints to choose from. I know that's probably a big ask though. Lastly, Official Mod support. Since it sounds like yall may be getting near the end of developement, I request that yall add in some official Mod support. The community of Modders have busted their a$$e$ and have made some awesome mods! Lastly again, Thank you Klei for this complex, but super amazing game! I have NEVER dropped so many hours into 1 single game, and still want more! You guys (and gals if applicable) bust your a$$e$ too and it shows in this amazing title. From the bottom of my heart Thank you!! I almost forgot. I have also really enjoyed the extra World types when starting new maps like Helicona and The Rock. Is there plans to add more worlds later on? If not, then could you please? (Probably after you finish the game I'm sure) Thanks again!
  11. Very very good job on the Database!!! Absolutely impressive!
  12. What time is the patch?

    NOT FUNNY!!! I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting on Klei! I would be devastated lol jk btw
  13. What time is the patch?

    Hopefully it doesn't break it... I know for this update's testing branch, when the mods broke, the modders had it fixed within 48 hours. The ones I use anyways, it was awesome!
  14. What time is the patch?

    Does anyone know if the full update breaks Mods?