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  1. This is a real micromanegment issue. The problem comes down to having a food production with is just enough to feed the whole colony (no buffer calories in storage) I attached a quite extrem colony with 10 Starving dupes. It is possible to micromanage this colony to get to atleast cycle 67 without any dupe dying. This requires that the dupes eat in order of available calories. (cycle 67 is the cycle i played up to now and had to micromanage food again; so I didn't play any further yet because it really becomes a hassle to check which dupe is currently scheduled to eat) Suggestion: a) Either give the player a proper way to assign a specific food item to a dupe or b) show which dupe is going to pick up a (food) item (so i can manually select them to send them away; currently i have to switch through all dupes to see that info ) c) Just let the dups eat by calories as priority if starving. Rescue_Everybody.sav
  2. Very hard to reproduce bug but it is currently messing my ravaging hunger colony up: If a plant is harvest ready and a dups finishes the harvest job for that plant while the plant itself is in an animation due to having some not met requirement it will not drop a fruit which is obviously a bug because if the plant it harvest ready it doesn't matter if the plants growth conditions are met to get a fruit. I observed this behavior two times now: Once with Mealwood due to Natrual Gas and another time with Bristle Blossoms due to low pressure.
  3. Seemingly it is possible to convert any gas to any other gas using a vacuum. Currently it was only shown to convert O2 to H2 but it should in general work with any other gas as well. Detailed reddit post about oxygen to hydrogen conversion (works also on Live Branch)