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  1. I'm glad I copied out the errors when I got them, just realized the errors for all the mods I listed (mod updater on start, rest on game load) were also the same trace
  2. oof my mods the first dev branch patch broke printing pod manager, one before this broke better tooltips, now this one just broke mod updater, material color, wgsm, favorite resources... and just crashed again on load with no automatic mod unchecking, this is gonna be fun edit: the output in case someone has an idea, I don't have any mods that should be popping up a dialog on startup (if I'm reading this correctly its related to that, maybe its the "mods changed" dialog?) edit2: yep all mods off and it still errors out
  3. Ah, I was dumb and thought the first conversion was supposed to do that... anyway I tested the ponder times a bit and they were reduced by ~25%+ when running at 0.25 speed compared to before the patch, and at 1x were about on par with 0.25x pre-patch
  4. Well I was playing with the custom speed mod, set at 0.25x for the slowest, and even then it ran at 4fps (it even did this while paused) now it seems to hit ~10-20 (21-25 paused) which is quite nice. Regular speed still chugs (~5-10fps) but still, great improvement. I have to see how much this drops "ponder" times although that is hard to see due to how the tooltip displays (it shows the bottom full of garbage like "life support supply to <dupe> 0.01%) 1. An interesting error I'm getting loading a mod (printing pod manager) its the last mod by id in the steam mods folder. I get in quick succession these screens (I recorded the game launching since it closes after clearing the last one) From the output log it just seems like it fails to patch Telepad.Update() but then tries to delete the mod which it can't do because its dll is loaded all my other mods seem to have survived the update which is very nice 2. My saves seem to not be migrated though, 0 bytes used in steam cloud storage and no long wait for sync on first quit
  5. curious how many dupes you use in this stress test, I've got a 200 dupe colony that my computer hates me over, going to see how much this update helps
  6. This was something I just saw and not 100% sure of the circumstance, but it seemed like one of my bunker doors broke, maybe without even dropping its materials, right as it finished closing. The meteor might have actually been inside the door, I'm not sure. The door is at the very top of the asteroid. This is also on the minibase map, so the door is right next to neutronium on its left
  7. There's been conditions to make this happen for a while now, I think its consistent if you somehow displace them from where they started the errand (ie finish building another tile that causes them to teleport upward)
  8. The exact circumstances for this seem a bit weird - the save I am uploading will have this happen near the end of the cycle. The buff has already started before this save, though the display says its got a full cycle left (see my other bug report). Saves I make closer to the expire time seem not to cause the crash. test-clean.sav
  9. Loading a game with a duplicant with status sparkle streaker will show 0.9 cycles left even if only a few seconds are left. Buff actually gets removed at the appropriate time
  10. errand for putting stuff (or maybe just artifacts?) is listed as "farming supply"
  11. When transporting some materials via rail and the loader runs out of stuff to send, the last item appears slightly larger in its "basket" and does not appear to transfer heat
  12. I just tried this in sandbox on isolated power circuits to see if it was just a display bug, nope, batteries charged at the same rate for tuned up and non-tuned turbines, even with steam way above the temp for max power
  13. an oil well which has its output blocked will sit there consuming 240W, 0 water, and produce 0 crude, and build up backpressure at the usual rate
  14. 1) Rocket liquid fuel tanks do not respect the priority set for emptying excess fuel, even "!!" priority setting 2) it is impossible to set a priority on liquid oxidizer tanks