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  1. errand for putting stuff (or maybe just artifacts?) is listed as "farming supply"
  2. When transporting some materials via rail and the loader runs out of stuff to send, the last item appears slightly larger in its "basket" and does not appear to transfer heat
  3. Steam turbine & Engie tune up

    I just tried this in sandbox on isolated power circuits to see if it was just a display bug, nope, batteries charged at the same rate for tuned up and non-tuned turbines, even with steam way above the temp for max power
  4. an oil well which has its output blocked will sit there consuming 240W, 0 water, and produce 0 crude, and build up backpressure at the usual rate
  5. 1) Rocket liquid fuel tanks do not respect the priority set for emptying excess fuel, even "!!" priority setting 2) it is impossible to set a priority on liquid oxidizer tanks
  6. Tab selections are not retained when using the liquid overlay, ie: selecting a liquid bridge, looking at the properties tab, and selecting another bridge doesn't keep the properties tab up. The properties tab selection is correctly retained if not using the liquid overlay
  7. open-air steam turbine mass loss

    it seems to be only the most recent build (355817) the last one it was running fine for >100 cycles
  8. open-air steam turbine mass loss

    I also just noticed my uppermost cool steam vent is deleting the oxygen in its room as well
  9. Unsure of the specific circumstances, but after not checking my oil biome for some time I noticed most of the steam I had was lost. On last check I'd had about 1/2 the left side of the biome full of ~30-40kg steam/tile, and it had been stable for over 100 cycles The Suave Burrow Cycle 944.sav The Suave Burrow Cycle 953.sav
  10. on completion of the gas pump in the attached save, client hangs indefinitely. Also happens if the pipe segment under the pump is cancelled and later built, but not if the pump is built before both pipes freeze.sav
  11. Repaired bunker doors do not block airflow/launch

    I just noticed another issue with this: duplicants will get stuck pathing over these doors. They get stuck in a weird state where they will not generate alerts such as suffocating, and will die without warning
  12. [Game Update] - 309354

    even if they don't allow doors to be replaced in the same way, at least it will be a lot better than now.
  13. [Game Update] - 309354

    The only way I can see the drywall thing being QoL is if they manage to make tiles, drywall, and tempshifts able to replace each other in one construction order. Even then though doors will be annoying to replace. Unfortunately it seems they are set on this change...
  14. [Game Update] - 306910

    This is mostly? intentional, you can't stack drywall behind tiles anymore. Building in space is already a major pain and I hope they reverse that (and further make it possible to atomic swap drywall and tempshift plates ideally)
  15. The drywall change is going to be a pain with how much I've built in space. It was already a pain when I wanted to swap drywall for tempshift plates...