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  1. This was something I just saw and not 100% sure of the circumstance, but it seemed like one of my bunker doors broke, maybe without even dropping its materials, right as it finished closing. The meteor might have actually been inside the door, I'm not sure. The door is at the very top of the asteroid. This is also on the minibase map, so the door is right next to neutronium on its left
  2. The reason I linked that particular one was also because, it seemed to work fine in one version but then ate the steam in the next. I wonder if testing that particular version's changes is warranted My theory at the time was that I dripped the water back onto a large crude/petrol lake but I was probably wrong.
  3. hey I remember this, and I had a bug report about it. One thing I noticed (didn't exhaustively test) was on a prior build it wasn't happening:
  4. The best part of this mod in my opinion was the temperature probe, worked very well for small fluctuations and/or temps at the extremes (imagine if custom temp overlay was constantly auto-adjusting to what you wanted to look at) Last time I tried using this mod it caused a lot of crashing, when it worked it was probably my favorite.
  5. There's been conditions to make this happen for a while now, I think its consistent if you somehow displace them from where they started the errand (ie finish building another tile that causes them to teleport upward)
  6. The exact circumstances for this seem a bit weird - the save I am uploading will have this happen near the end of the cycle. The buff has already started before this save, though the display says its got a full cycle left (see my other bug report). Saves I make closer to the expire time seem not to cause the crash. test-clean.sav
  7. Loading a game with a duplicant with status sparkle streaker will show 0.9 cycles left even if only a few seconds are left. Buff actually gets removed at the appropriate time
  8. errand for putting stuff (or maybe just artifacts?) is listed as "farming supply"
  9. When transporting some materials via rail and the loader runs out of stuff to send, the last item appears slightly larger in its "basket" and does not appear to transfer heat
  10. I just tried this in sandbox on isolated power circuits to see if it was just a display bug, nope, batteries charged at the same rate for tuned up and non-tuned turbines, even with steam way above the temp for max power
  11. an oil well which has its output blocked will sit there consuming 240W, 0 water, and produce 0 crude, and build up backpressure at the usual rate
  12. 1) Rocket liquid fuel tanks do not respect the priority set for emptying excess fuel, even "!!" priority setting 2) it is impossible to set a priority on liquid oxidizer tanks
  13. Tab selections are not retained when using the liquid overlay, ie: selecting a liquid bridge, looking at the properties tab, and selecting another bridge doesn't keep the properties tab up. The properties tab selection is correctly retained if not using the liquid overlay
  14. it seems to be only the most recent build (355817) the last one it was running fine for >100 cycles