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  1. I have commented on a post that you have taken down and did not respond to. I stated that the event is not playable on console. I stated that it is because games being hosted do not show up and everyone has a hard time trying to get into a game. This is not just me but all players on Xbox one. I have asked around and confirmed over 300 players having the same issue in all different parts of the world. I showed proof over a screenshot to you guys on a post here and the only reply I got back was to hit the y button to refresh ...... that was very unhelpful and insulting since I stated that refreshing does not do anything. And the fact that you have deleted the old post in regards to this makes it seem as if you are ignoring the issue all together. We all love your game but if we can’t play it then we are being robbed not only for the money we spent on the game but also the time we put into the event. And a lot of us now can not even finish the event simply because we can not play it. I will be checking this everyday like I did on the last post. I am also screenshoting it as proof and record of me posting. A real answer and fix for this would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.