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  1. good to know im not the only one ;p
  2. for some reason when i got my daily gift i got a lava portrait. steam servers are down at the moment so i can show a picture of it. but when they come back ill post it here. AAAaanyway that a bug or is it because forge items are still weaveable?
  3. im only here for the drop system change tbh ;P
  4. since they have changed their rarity to elegant ive been thinking about this so is it obtainable through normal drops or na?
  6. nope. no luck yet ;( appreciate the help tho!
  7. i dont have that option.
  8. okay, i know ive asked more questions than answered. but ill try to work on that :P, but for now, i got this problem. when ever i use steam overlay while playing dont starve together. the position isnt correct. what i mean by that is when i click on something it clicks on something to its right in stead. so is that a problem from steam or the game or even my laptop? plz its annoying ;-; "i have a 1366x768 screen resolution"
  9. I'm a new player to don't starve together. and I've missed the opportunity to play the gorge and forge (season 1). and after the return of the forge, ive been wondering if the gorge will return the same way. so is the gorge returning or what .
  10. i know that mod. i dont want other verisons. i want the same music that plays when in day.
  11. when im playing, i cant resist hitting a tree just to hear the musc xD. but when in night or dusk its silent. is there a way for them to play at night and dusk? if not, is there a mod to do so?