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  1. is it possible to use skins in spriter

    visible confusion
  2. i swear this combination goes with every character
  3. because wes will destroy everyone
  4. im no modder. i can barely use krane lol. i just wanna know if i can use skins in spriter.
  5. i cant do metheus anymore

    update: that was a lie ;/ its now got new trick lmao now it just keeps refreshing over, and over, and over again. and i still cant get to the second part ;(
  6. aaah. i see. thanks ;3
  7. On Examination Quotes

    i like wx's quotes ;3 -tho that might be cheating since i main him ;p- some of my favourite quotes are these: rock-the one next to the magma pool-: A ROCK, WERE SAVED. algae-the plant next to the ponds in the ruins-: LOOK AT IT SUFFER TO LIVE.
  8. SOMETIMES when i despawn from a world, change my skin, then respawn this appears: i got this when i despawned after i got a drop, so i can unravel it - plz dont hate i dont hab wortox yet ;3 owo- and when i respawned this happened ;(
  9. Wortox strategies or tips

    teleport between giant attacks to avoid getting damage. teleporting with wortox give you invincibility during the animation.
  10. i cant do metheus anymore

    yes i have. and it doesnt work ;(
  11. when ever me and someone try to do metheus. the symbols i put disappear even tho theyre correct. and if i refresh the page right after clicking the button it glows yellow. and when my partner put their symbols this error appears: is there a way to fix this? i HAVE done metheus before countless of times -out of pure bordem that is- and it has worked fine.
  12. DST Four Seasons in NUTSHELL

    btw ive come to bargain
  13. good to know im not the only one ;p
  14. for some reason when i got my daily gift i got a lava portrait. steam servers are down at the moment so i can show a picture of it. but when they come back ill post it here. AAAaanyway that a bug or is it because forge items are still weaveable?
  15. im only here for the drop system change tbh ;P