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  1. Can you please change this to a post with text and pictures? The background noise in the video is awful.
  2. I'm running into a problem where the dupes don't eat all of the food and it ends up spoiling in the great hall. This makes the setup completely useless for me.
  3. I have found this to be true.
  4. Good mods

    Sorry I meant remove daily report. My bad.
  5. Good mods

    Does the mods speed up save and load by much? I'm at cycle 1500 and this is my main problem.
  6. I'd replace the top set of mech doors with mesh tiles and fill the mesh tiles with water so that the water is two tiles deep. Then you can replace all the convoluted automation with a simple not gate.
  7. I'm currently in need of a 40kw cable, but I'm not (yet) willing to use mods. Does anyone have a link to that battery switch setup I remember seeing a while back?
  8. Chlorine? Flammable? wtf.jpg
  9. Why is this?

    You don't even need to talk about gas compression. The real world has partial pressure, this game doesn't. End of story.
  10. You sure dupes aren't carrying the missing ceramic?
  11. Aqua tuner cooling?

    Flood it with water and pair it with a steam turbine. The aquatuner needs to be steel for this to work though.
  12. Insects don't have an immune system. It's quite a jump from them to people.
  13. If you just follow the icons you don't have to care about 'intuitiveness'.
  14. Hats don't stick?

    That did the trick, thanx.