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  1. I see. I assumed they were because i didn't see any food.
  2. No it's not. It's entirely possible to survive in the game without optimizing everything to pieces.
  3. I use them in my drecko ranches to keep mealwood from overheating.
  4. Cooling water

    Play in rime.
  5. Taken away how? It's now officially in the game. YES. There is no claim to copyright on a game that YOU DID NOT MAKE. And seeing how if I made a mod it would be to add something not present in the game, double yes, since IT IS NOW OFFICIALLY IN THE GAME. Again, if you're upset that the devs decided to implement your mod in the game then go play another game.
  6. Any resources used in repairing pops back out afterward. You can't repair with zero resources but you don't use any up. What kind of a thought is this? People mod for free because there are things in the game that they want but don't exist. If the devs implement them in the game that just means that the feature will now get official support. If you're upset that the devs decided to implement your mod in the game then go play another game.
  7. New Vegas was developed by Obsidian.
  8. Pipe pressure is not something that exists in the game.
  9. It's not actually a phase change that breaks pipes. It's element change. If the game detects that the element has changed into something else the pipe breaks.
  10. About half of it was already tiled from another project. The horizontal line at the right is about the level of previous tiling. Space would break if it took more energy to pump stuff upward.
  11. Took forever, but finally build a modified version in survival.
  12. [Game Update] - 364722

    Added Liquid Element Sensor (for sensing liquid elements in world space). YESSSSSSS!
  13. "It takes in 2kg/s of petrol, for a total of 3520DTU/K/s. It outputs 500g/s of CO2 (423DTU/K/s) and 750g/s of PH2O (3134.25 DTU/K/s) at the petrol temperature. (Note: this is hard to measure, as the output immediately transfers temperature to/from the building.)" This is your comment that I was testing, so why would I heat the generator to 250C? That will just further prove my point that the OP will be fine using 500C petrol in his generators. The generator is heating up because the building itself generates heat. Like the vast majority of buildings in the game.