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  1. Came to report this also. Oxygen Mask Checkpoints don't seem to respect vacancy settings at all; dupes will always pass against the arrow and drop their mask if no docks are available. However they will not do the opposite (enter without an oxygen mask) meaning that at Mask-Suit interfaces dupes can become trapped and suffocate if there is no oxygen atmosphere. Crappy ascii diagram: (main base) [][][]OMC -> ... <- OMC[][][] X [][][]ASC-> (volcano or 90°C oil biome or something) OMC = Oxygem Mask Checkpoint ASC = Atmo Suit Checkpoint [] = suit docks X = where your dupes get stuck because they dropped their mask at the OMC because there wasn't space, even if "Clearance: Vacancy Only" shows up on the tooltip
  2. The Solid Rocket Thrusters in my rocket are visible when the attached save is loaded (rocket is in top right). The rocket was in flight at 4% when the save was made. They do not seem interactive, so just a (confusing) display bug. I don't have an output_log.txt where the instructions describe. Build RP-394616 Thanks for such a great game! The Diseased Spacepad.sav kplayerprefs.yaml WorldGenDataSave.dat WorldGenSimSave.dat The Diseased Spacepad.json