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  1. The bug occurs when the system is using a software audio-driver that occupies the card. In my case, I use ASIO driver that has priority. When ANY form of ASIO driver is used, the crash occurs.
  2. It is not only about the fridge. The bug is easily reproducible with omelette cooking. At some point (very frequently), dupes start carrying weird tiny amounts of raw egg to the cooking station. The bug also occurs randomly when dupes deliver foods to fridges/storages. Also happens to other resources, but I don't know how to reproduce the bug with other items.
  3. EDIT: Ok. Dupes started completely ignoring the refinery even with priorities on only operate. Ok. I figured out the issue. Ignore the last message. I was being dumb. The problem with 1 sec operating was due to the fact that oil pipe was supplying two refs simultanesouly. The refinery works fine if a single pump/pipe combo is connected to a single refinery. Otherwise it's buggy.
  4. Does a save of a current run count? I'm in the same game still. Another question that I did not find on the forum. What is wrong with oil refineries. I have two of them. Well, anyways, I will send the save file and you will see. There are two refineries and operators won't operate them consistently. They stick around for a sec turn the wheel and start running away. Refineries, basically, do not work when there are two of them. With 1, everything works pretty much perfectly. The Unstoppable Citadel.sav
  5. Irregularly outhouses make duplicants just stick around them doing nothing. Eventually they will starve to death. You can unstuck them by making them move somewhere. It happens irregularly and I'm not sure why. When I replace outhouses with better toilets they never stuck. EDIT: This happens to duplicants who seemingly change activities when you alt+tab.
  6. The issue is simple yet very annoying. Morale expectations for the job do not change after you downgrade the profession. This happened specifically to Research Assistant profession. Whatever I do, the morale expectations level stays at 12.