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  1. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the Wilba 2.0+the Webber 2.0
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  3. I don't know, but I have an idea for an event. But can someone like, and someone there is no. So here is ivent Fear. I called him. The point is that Willow, Wigfrid, Wolfgang fall into the medieval world of birds who want to capture the shadows and the darkness. The heroes need to kindle the furnace, to reinforce the power of the Podium of the Great fire, to banish the shadow of evil forces. They have to get fuel and fight along with the shadow waves to get the ruby to consolidate the effect of the furnace. The idea is presented here quite raw, but can someone interested.)
  4. Someone knows me, someone doesn't... Hi! I open thread and here. I hope that everything will be fine))))
  5. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    Thank you, Spatch^^ A quick sketch at a history lecture xP
  6. I imagine "THEM" as formless beings who can take any form and penetrate the consciousness of other beings. And it seems to me that the Gnaw is part of " THEM."
  7. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    1)Yes, and this answer I made in August, but forgot to publish it 2)Yeah, I like these skins, so I draw them.Thank you for those kind words I appreciate that
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  9. I don't like to create new topics, but I'm interested in what would Wagstaff be like in DST.(If this character will add to the game).In my opinion, this inventor should rightfully be in the DST or he will play a different role, so he will not appear in the DST. What do you think about it?
  10. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    So... I did it So hard for me, but I love this art Special art for Halloween 2019 :^D
  11. The last character?

    New character
  12. [Game Update] - 371739

    But this is not a fact
  13. Wurt

    Now me too
  14. The last character?

    I observe that people are asking to add characters from the DS in DST. On the one hand it is very good and fun, but on the other hand our favorite DS will then lose meaning. If all characters add in DST, then DS will become useless in greater least, for all characters already will in DST. Therefore, it is logical to assume that Klei and do not add these characters to our DST. And I have another question. Guys, is Wurt the last character on the list or will there be one more? [I'm wait Wagstaff in DST, Klei pls]
  15. Wurt

    A good plus, but too banal
  16. But this is not a fact
  17. Wurt

    So sad for me........ ='(
  18. Wurt

    It's a boring character, I think... So meh... Again character is a monster Oh no... *Sad noises*