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  1. good seeds?

    Fun with Geysers: Maximum number of geyser per asteroid. OASSISSE (OASIS-A) Geysers: 71 Seeds: 854976500 VERDANTE (LUSH-A) Geysers: 57 Seeds: 1500656790 RIME (S-FRZ) Geysers: 52 Seeds: 661359132 VOLCANEA (VOLCA) Geysers: 48 Seeds: 786187305 ARIDIO (HTFST-A) Geysers: 45 Seeds: 402779825, 2101039455 THE_BADLANDS (BAD-A) Geysers: 45 Seeds: 1280825368 OCEANIA (OCAN-A) Geysers: 44 Seeds: 539139572 ARBORIA (FRST-A) Geysers: 43 Seeds: 1455800098, 213965507 TERRA (SNDST-A) Geysers: 20 Seeds: More then 1068...
  2. @Cairath Do you know if maps without a single world trait are possible/valid?
  3. good seeds?

    A lot of steam and water:
  4. good seeds?

    The map with the most geysers so far: 71 Too much oil... looks like a real hard map to play.
  5. @Cairath Thank you for the mod and the website. I am collecting data for you. If you put the website and/or backend on github I can help you out with some pull-requests.