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  1. Lizardhiney: wilson but autistic
  2. pls keep same recipe klei
  3. They should just make Bumbleborg the new character
  4. Console get item id.

    Well yeah, I would assume so. I meant like what console do you play the game on?
  5. Console get item id.

    Are you on Xbox, or Playstation?
  6. The Queen's Trader

    Art style hasn't been the same for a long time, imo it's far too late for that. Shopkeeper dood was made in a time where the mood of the game was easy to keep consistent, I would love for the art and music to feel the same as in DS, but it won't. Anyway, this is my idea for a shop:
  7. Why is my sea void?

    Now it's coming together ...
  8. I mean, endless mode in itself is a good baby mode.
  9. Wendy has a canon age

    What about webber? uwu
  10. [Game Update] - 368562

    Genius ^ Edit:I meant the first reply but it this works
  11. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

  12. i feel like klei just uses the same character shape as wilson for all characters, pretty lame 0/10
  13. hi guys i just wanted to say that i am the only real veteran here so haha you are actually all wrong no offense but u guys r probs loads of NOOBS