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  1. Cloud saves when?

    bump just in hope of them seeing it, they seem to read through a lot of feedback lately, so I really hope they get this fixed soon. I know it's easy just to back it up manually, but it really gets people the first time around when they see the game sync in their steam library beside that, the updates lately has been great!
  2. [Game Update] - 296878

    no joke, have never had it so smooth in the test branch before steam's build-in fps overlay?
  3. [Game Update] - 296878

    Massiv FPS boost in this one? o.0 went from 7FPS to 24 on my base. BUG: The produktion que goes empty after each use, so food/steel production is manual now, as in I have to click back and forth to retrigger it to start again after each use. only happens if you got two of the same produktion strukture