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  1. I found it while translating the game file. STRINGS.SKIN_QUOTES.wilson_nature, STRINGS.SKIN_QUOTES.wurt_rose Is the next update Wilson?
  2. I know that. I mean, this data has been added to the DST String file.
  3. While I was translating, I found skins that had not been added before. Or am I the only one who didn't know?
  4. What we can see from this video is that the Deerclops wanted to eat jerky, but was angry because Woby interfered.
  5. I am surprised and happy to see the skins that go so well with Wigfrid. Thank you, klei! Valhalla awaits!
  6. It's like if you use a flute, you can change the place to a place of revival. Just play the flute and you can take her everywhere. And this video is a simple bug kill the dragonfly. Dragonfly glitch
  7. How my friend thinks to make a net\ art by: in gong Webber: We need a net!