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  1. I found it while translating the game file. STRINGS.SKIN_QUOTES.wilson_nature, STRINGS.SKIN_QUOTES.wurt_rose Is the next update Wilson?
  2. I know that. I mean, this data has been added to the DST String file.
  3. While I was translating, I found skins that had not been added before. Or am I the only one who didn't know?
  4. What we can see from this video is that the Deerclops wanted to eat jerky, but was angry because Woby interfered.
  5. I am surprised and happy to see the skins that go so well with Wigfrid. Thank you, klei! Valhalla awaits!
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm Long time no see. Today, I brought art on behalf of my friend. This is another friend. She asked me to do it because she lacked English skills. LOL (My friend said that the art stream was inspired by WX-78 and Webber sailing..) Art by Rain_Cloud Title: A new friend Sketch Finish
  7. It's like if you use a flute, you can change the place to a place of revival. Just play the flute and you can take her everywhere. And this video is a simple bug kill the dragonfly. Dragonfly glitch
  8. As usual, I came back on her behalf. Art By: In Gong Title: The Shadow
  9. How my friend thinks to make a net\ art by: in gong Webber: We need a net!
  10. She Said, Oops too late Sorry...I drew it in a hurry because I had more work to do than I thought. Just enjoy it:D draw by: In Gong Wilson Say:God Is ******* DEAD!!! God Is ******* DEAD!!! (And we're not Chinese LOL We are korean >:3) Let's eat together.
  11. My friend wanted to upload the art, but she was too busy to upload it. So I decided to upload the art instead. Friend, pleased, permitted. Art By. In gong Title:With non-human friends Spider thing...