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  1. Ty Angpur for the link, could not find qualified info on ram latency though. But it is quite a lot of chitchat about performance, I did not read all of it and maybe I missed the crucial information. I will run some tests with overclocking next week, busy over the weekend. The problem is the AI lag, don‘t know if I can really benchmark that. FPS might not be the right figure to measure it. I will report any findings, maybe ram latency is the bottleneck.
  2. Oh my Xaekai, you start something there. I agree with you and don‘t use anything that even faintly smells like an exploit. Infinite storage falls into that category for me, as well as all the latest steam engine exploits and all the always running electrolizer builds. In short I avoid anything that uses the one element per tile mechanics to achieve miracles. I also love to keep a bit of an industrial and realistic design. But it is a totally legit position to use those exploits. Unlimited power out of nothing (fixed I think), mass doubling (not sure if fixed?), unlimited storage, it is possible in oni physics, so I use it... Some great players / forum members seem to play the game just for that reason. Find ways to make it even smaller and cheaper than anyone could have intended. Whatever suits you, just do it and have fun.
  3. What a simple and beautiful idea Did you test/benchmark that or is it more like a feeling?
  4. Did anybody check/test the impact of ram on game performance? My system is an i7-7700k 4,8ghz, GeForce 1060 6 gb, 32 gb ddr4 3000. Agreed consent, as far as I can see, is that the graphics card does not really matter. Cpu according to task manager never gets close to max load on any core. So the only part remaining seems to be the ram. I have no experience with overclocking ram, googling showed it is not a one dial operation. If I upgrade to ddr4 4000+ or at least overclock mine, will I see any noticeable performance boost?
  5. Bleachstone

    They changed the puft mechanics totally on official launch. You could feed squeaky puffs by the dozens with only one chlorine geyser, now it is less than a handful. But still, I was able to maintain a positive bleach stone count so far with just one ranch, feeding lots of hand sanitizers and quite a lot of lettuce (15). No hot tub yet, I don’t know if that changes everything. And there are usually some bleachstone asteroids in space, I have 2 in my current base. I can still use a rocket to fill any gaps.
  6. I had the same problems when I started my post release map. Great cooling problems with only salt water and polluted water geysers. Just not enough power to run aquatuner/steam engine combos to cool everything down. I think it is intended to give you some challenge in early game, it all resolved for me once I got my oil business going and had enough energy at my hand. Overall the aquatuner/steam engine combo is very effective in cooling and you need just a few hundred watts to run it continuously. I exploited cold bioms to get there.
  7. And they sing for you, very cute.
  8. I always think of Pacu appetite like my dog‘s hunger, never ending, would eat till death. So a little throttling is needed. In my last base I had a successful algae rocket and puft farm as algae sources, them pacu egg - raw egg (gives 2kg/egg) - omelette - sage hatch - barbeque food chain. But there are way more efficient meat sources out there.
  9. One question

    The natural gas from one oil well should give you more than enough gas for cooking in the early/mid stages of the game. Also fertilizer facilities and the oil refinery are early accessible sources of nat gas. But I was pretty worried too when I realized there was no nat gas geyser on my map
  10. For me it is AI lag, starting with 50-60 dupes on my hardware. They just start to stutter around and the base loses efficiency with every additional dupe. The skills and priority screens are also pretty unmanageable with that amount of dupes. The last attempt ended with regular game crashes every few minutes with 95 dupes.
  11. Any pips around your trees? Maybe you missed a couple somewhere? edit: answered just when I posted this
  12. I struggled with that problem for quite a bit. It was easy once I realized what the difference between landing and takeoff is. During landing the rocket sensor is green and the rocket checklist is red. During takeoff the rocket sensor and checklist are green and both stay green until the rocket is out of sight. with that information the automation setup for refueling was easy.
  13. The steam from the hydrogen rocket is below 1600C. I don‘t have any lower tech rockets anymore, but I think it was around the same temp for the CO2 of the petroleum engine. Steam engines - I think it was colder steam, below 1000C, but that might be false memory. It disappears pretty fast if you don’t catch it anyways. Other heat is as nakomaru said, 3x9 from the engine. And yes I am pretty sure it moves, because the rocket melts even steel automation wires in the center 3 spaces given enough launches
  14. I think this is wrong at least for sieves. The wiki says so and they don‘t show an animation when passing through pure water. Never bothered to verify it though.