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  1. Ok this is not working, there are quite a few people with that handle on steam. You either have to give me something more to identify you, or you can try to add me on your friendslist, matze1967
  2. If you are ok with posting your steam account name I will buy it for you. I spent 23 € for 2500 hours of fun, I feel it is time that klei gets a bit more of my money. And the DLC is still far away...
  3. I use arbor trees -> ethanol distiller to make a lot of polluted dirt and let that offgas. good thing is you can put any amount in a single tile. bad part is you need a lot. A 25 ton pile gases off 31 g/s
  4. Running a transport tube system for a lot of dupes eats up enormous amounts of energy. They just love their unproductive hopping around
  5. I have put thousands of hours into the game and still love it. For me it was always about how far can I go in terms of automation, nice base design and number of dupes in it. I always tried to avoid anything that smelled like an exploit. But with every playthrough I always hit a wall before I actually used all my resources avail on my asteroid. On my actual base with 120 dupes AI lag of dupes is hardly bearable. But the critter AI lag is what really kills it, slicksters and pufts in farms lag too much to eat decent amounts of calories, I had to kill all my cute little decor bugs. I don’t care about most of the bugs and glitches, if only they would find a way to handle more dupes than 100 and especially more critters than 1000 with decent performance on high tech rigs. Are you working on that Klei? Or just some DLC giving us more cosmetic stuff? Something like a new roadmap would be nice.