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  1. On 9/19/2020 at 11:59 AM, Hekateras said:


    Heyyyy, a familiar sentiment :'D

    Is that game any good? I received it through PlayStation Plus but I haven't played it yet.

    But yeah Shank 2 needs to be delisted because it's awful. The gameplay is okay but the way the story is told through individual level sequences is just stupid. The first game was better and they refuse to bring it back. They have the ability to do so but they continue to be stupid.

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  2. That's it. We lost. Pack it up people. We're going home.

    Klei has won this war.

    Shank will never come back. That's right. And that's the truth. It's also been confirmed that Shank is done.

    The Shank series will never return to consoles and that's a confirmed fact. We lost. They've probably been laughing at us since day 1. It's sad.

    So much for being faithful.

  3. I can confirm that we'll all be dead before Shank comes back. Because klei doesn't care anymore. It's time to give up. They won. It's over. Shank is done and forgotten.

    The dumb morons are probably laughing at us right now for being faithful.

  4. Klei doesn't give a crap about Shank. Sometimes I wonder if they even pay attention to the Shank Forum. It's been 2 years since Shank was removed from consoles and honestly that was the worst thing that happened.

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  5. I just wanted to say a couple things. Happy 10th Birthday Shank. May your return be absolute.

    And to klei themselves. Screw you all. If you can't see past your own stupidity and stubbornness. You don't deserve to have Shank.

    Either bring the series back to former consoles and to current and new consoles. Or eventually fold and go bankrupt. Your choice. Businesses don't last forever. Especially indie developers.

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  6. Klei doesn't care about what we want. They'd rather focus on Don't Starve. Making a Shank collection for current consoles as well as putting it back on PS3 and Xbox 360 would make many customers happy. But like I said before they don't care about us. And I'll be surprised if Klei actually gives a care at some point and give us what we want. What do we want a Shank Collection. When do we want it. Now. It's been 9 years since the release of the first game at this point. But once again they don't care. They never have cared and they never will care. So they can just put a sock in it at this point.

  7. I highly agree with all of these comments. It feels like Klei doesn't care about their customers at all at this point. Come on. Bring Shank back to consoles and create a Shank Collection for everyone. Shank, Shank 2, and Shank 3 in one collection.