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  1. Ideas for Shank 3

    Okay so let me just state that it's possible that Shank 3 will never see the light of day which will disappoint many customers. I am however going to state possible features for Shank 3 if it was ever made. 1. Have it be a Metroidvania 2. You can switch between Shank, Falcone, or Corina at any point in the game 3. Chosen character affects dialogue from NPCs 4. You have a rage bar that fills up as you take and deal damage. Once activated you deal double damage for a short amount of time. 5. You gain access to all your weapons from your previous adventures but you have to find them first. 6. You can switch between your acquired weapons freely like in the first Shank. 7. You can acquire money that's used to upgrade your gear to deal more damage or increase your defenses. 8. Have permanent health, stamina, rage, and ammo capacity upgrades littered throughout the game world. 9. Have optional secret bosses 10. A Gauntlet of sorts that allows you to fight wave after wave of enemies. That's all the ideas I got so far.
  2. General Discussions

    Is there a place on the forums where it's more or less a general discussion for all the games made by Klei. A place that gets a lot of traffic at least. And yes I'm aware specific areas exist that are dedicated to each game. But is there an area that contains all the games.
  3. General Discussions

    Mainly to talk about other Klei games with other people. Some of the older game forums don't seem to get much attention. More or less for general discussion. Like go to this post to talk about this game or something. Not just report bugs or problems. Kind of hard to have a general discussion about games that don't get much love and attention. I know this sounds stupid and I'm probably just wasting my time. An example of a topic would be talking ideas that crossover more than one game. It can't go in the Off Topic section because talk about Klei Games is forbidden in Off Topic.
  4. Shank 3?

    Klei doesn't care about what we want. They'd rather focus on Don't Starve. Making a Shank collection for current consoles as well as putting it back on PS3 and Xbox 360 would make many customers happy. But like I said before they don't care about us. And I'll be surprised if Klei actually gives a care at some point and give us what we want. What do we want a Shank Collection. When do we want it. Now. It's been 9 years since the release of the first game at this point. But once again they don't care. They never have cared and they never will care. So they can just put a sock in it at this point.
  5. Just a nice video that I made the other day. I lost track on how many times I died.

    Shank Gameplay (No Commentary)

  6. Raspberry Milk's holistic art thread

    I love it. The expression tells us that he's like. Why did you do this.
  7. Raspberry Milk's holistic art thread

    I have pictures of the character. I can send them by tomorrow if that helps.
  8. Raspberry Milk's holistic art thread

    I wasn't sure where to go for this. But I'd like to request a picture of Shank dressed up as Santa Claus. I think it would be appropriate for the season and a great way to honor the character. I just think it would look silly. He would have this look on his face that says I am not amused. I'm not that good at drawing people. Still practicing at the moment.
  9. I'm really looking forward to seeing Shank on PS3 once again and on PS4. Until then I bought and played Shank and Shank 2 on Steam. Will play them both again sometime. Still working on other projects. And I even have a WIP drawing of Shank. In my opinion there wouldn't be much to update if it made its way to PS4. Framerate and sound. And you're done. Oh and if someone can draw Shank dressed like Santa. That would make my day.

  10. Okay I'm going to be taking a break from the forums for now. I just hope that my efforts to get Shank relisted and republished back on consoles don't go to waste. It would be very disappointing if Shank becomes forgotten. I won't let that happen. It will be back on consoles. I don't know when but it has to come back. For everyone's sake. We all want to see Shank back on the PS3 and Xbox 360. As well as the PS4 and Xbox One. Maybe even the Switch too.

  11. Shank 3?

    I highly agree with all of these comments. It feels like Klei doesn't care about their customers at all at this point. Come on. Bring Shank back to consoles and create a Shank Collection for everyone. Shank, Shank 2, and Shank 3 in one collection.
  12. Is it possible to get the publishing agreement between Klei Entertainment and EA renewed or extended for a little while longer involving Shank. A lot of people wanted to buy the game and it's not right that only Steam users can play it. This way everyone can play it.

  13. This is what you get when you add Klei Entertainment to Shank. You actually get more results. To me this is an insult to a marvelous hidden gem. Shank needs to be advertised more. Come on.


  14. This is highly depressing. Shank should be more well known.


  15. @JanH are you sure there is no way to get the publishing agreement with EA on Shank renewed or even extended for 6 months.

  16. I really hope Shank can get republished under Klei's name soon. I mean it isn't fair that only Steam users can play Shank now. I should've bought back in March when I had the chance. Stupid publishing agreement.