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  1. [Serializable] float uptime= 0f; private void Update() { uptime += Time.deltaTime; } public Uptime { get { return this.uptime / Game.timeplayed; } } No need to store anything but a float, I don't even see much of a reason for this statistic either, not something I ever missed in ONI... They store the timestamps, which are in unity measured as seconds in a float.
  2. I wonder if replacing areas with vacuum would improve this...
  3. OP has valid points. I disagree with the power issues, the power part is already the easiest part of the game to understand and build IMO, unlike everything else it seems this is the most straightforward and easy to learn part of the game. The gas/liquid pipes are much harder to understand, even worse when you see that your pipes are not working as they should, then you have to google and discover that magic of bridges to control flow, the game does a terrible job at making the flows work properly and only the bridge can fix this, and the bridge is not even supposed to be used for this, it's supposed to let pipes cross! Note that nowhere in the game this use is mentioned. The waterflow really shouldn't exist and there should be a airlock building to replace it, it doesn't make any sense that this is still the best way to prevent gas flow. The output temps of things, the game does a terrible job at presenting it to the player, in fact it doesn't do this at all, you put a electrolyzer on your base and then you see your base is hot and have no idea why, nowhere in the game it explains that the output temp is minimum 70, this is not an issue to ignore and say that new players should suffer, this is bad UI and bad UX when you have to constantly minimize the game to see what a building really does because the game does not explain it at all. Hidden or badly explained behaviour does not make the game better by making it more challenging, it makes the game worse and boring because of constant need to minimize and google.
  4. Super Simple Airlock

    I can't avoid thinking that there's something wrong with the game when, in a game about environment control, the best way to prevent gas flow is using a "feature" where liquid functions in a completely unrealistic way... All the other airlocks come with disadvantages and are much worse to build. Klei should really just add an airlock building/door.
  5. I didn't run the game, just looking at it paused dragged my pc to less than 20 fps... I removed both top monuments as fast as possible (priority 9) to not affect your game much and tested on the vanilla game and all seems ok, have fun nomonuments.sav
  6. And I had never heard about it! Will definitely make my life MUCH easier, I love messing with my games lol I always did it the hard way Massive thanks for pointing this out. Now I'm outta here don't want to derail this thread further
  7. Jeez your base is absurd... I don't think I can ever make anything this big! Anyway I was doing nothing anyway and just out of curiosity decided to look at your issue and figured out what was wrong, I could fix it, if you REALLY want to play this save on the weekend and don't mind risking losing something or breaking your save I could upload a patch file and you manually patch your game to load your save... (You'd have to patch it yourself because I don't think it's legal for me to distribute game files). PM me if you want it
  8. And then they don't finish eating and drop food on the floor... No manners...
  9. It's just a list of files, I guess the .net implementation to get files already handles the sorting by the filesystem. The difference is that windows is not case-sensitive but the others are, so in Windows Geodes come before GeoDormant (D = d and e comes before o). But on the others is the opposite because D comes before d. I already fixed my app to let you guys select your OS and it already handles this difference, it should find the proper seed for you whatever your OS is now
  10. I hate this behaviour so much!
  11. Did you notice other differences? I don't think anything else should be different since they come from definitions inside the yaml files. I wish I could figure out how they generate geysers/etc per seed so I could also count/filter them, but that wasn't anywhere obvious as the traits.
  12. Yeah I though so, this is something Klei needs to fix if we are to be able to share seeds between the different OS's. Meanwhile I updated my little app to differentiate between Windows and Unix machines, you select your OS and it should give the proper seed: https://mrgamesdev.itch.io/oni-world-trait-finder Android version will take a while to go live but the web version is OK. Linux and Mac standalones I might create but will take a while, I really suffer when using these OS's
  13. Could you test something for me? Can you go to the traits folder and rename GeoDormant.yaml to Geodormant.yaml and then try the seed 11752 and see if it picks Geodes or Geodormant? edit: It's going to be in this folder where you installed the game: OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\worldgen\traits edit2: I believe the unix just sorts the D before d which is causing this difference.
  14. Yeah I know why this happens. This is an issue with how Klei made the traits list before getting them for the game. They just read all the files on a list, and I thought they obeyed alphabetical order, which seems to be true for anyone running ONI on Windows. But when reading the Mac/Linux files it's not ordering them the same way before getting traits randomly. This pretty much means that seeds between people running Windows/Linux and Macs might no be interchangeable , this is true even for the TNI tool. Since my tool runs on the web, I don't have access to your files which means I can't read the files on your Mac on the same order as in Windows The only way it will work is if I compile a standalone version for you guys and you run on your computer. Give me some time and I think I can get a version for you. edit: Maybe it's this or maybe I'm wrong, let me just run some tests before.