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  1. This has cropped up on several things so far. 1st time I used it, to break a wall with dupes trapped inside, was ok (or I didn't notice if it wasn't). 2nd time (a RT day later) I accidentally "emergency" wrangled a dreko and the dupes all freaked out, not just the Rancher and ran around like mad doing the top priority tasks. 3rd time, today, (feeding coal generators because they just f**king would NOT feed the coal generators even though I had 7 tons of coal and they were a priority 9 task) the entire colony ran around doing EVERYTHING at emergency, not just the emergency task or priority 9 tasks. Progressive bug?
  2. My dupes are all doing their business on the floor despite apparently free / usable outhouses. The outhouse doesn't show "out of order" unless you click on it. Game doesn't seem to re-set the outhouse after cleaning despite playing the animation of it being clean. The Luxury Crashpad.sav