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  1. I know the game relatively well with more than 3000 hours of play and the installation made here works perfectly normally except that this and not the I did the capture because I tried a lot of things to try to make it work the door does not open I already lose gas before and as we can see in the capture that I send back the value of the steam that I had was 600 kilograms, there are only 233 left and to solve the problem of heating I have an activator on the aquatuner and if necessary I have an almost full storage of water that has been polluted at 17 ° for me that and well a bug if not how to explain the difference of quantity of gas in only 2 cycle and the turbine of the 2nd capture and stop
  2. hello the bugs for alpha dlc I can put them here I have a bug on the steam turbine and aquatuner there are several problems 1 my steam turbine does not provide enough water compared to what it sucks, which means that I have to put water back into the installation regularly (on the base set the installation works very well) 2 with the circuit breaker to the right of the picture I have tin the circuit that feeds my aquatuner it these well stop the temperature of the room was at 200 degrees my aquatuner and steel the temperature of the room to start to rise to try to cool it down send several ton of water to polute at 9 degrees in it and it continues to rise I reached 320 degrees I don't use the debug mod to see the real test sorry i use google translate to write to you
  3. Hello I will give my first impression on the alpha of the dlc I am in cycle 230 for 17.79h (value of the set) for the test I played without the console mod to do a real test in real situation the games haven't spit out these cool ones the games do not paddle apparently I had 4 micro freeze of 1/4 of a second on the potential bugs that I encountered the resource teleporter between planet does not work at the beginning after saving and loading my part it worked I had the fridge or duplicating them do not want to deliver the resources in afterwards I did not feed it so maybe it comes from that I find that the speed of the game and long as in the game without mod I play only in X3 and I find it long I tested a lot of little things that seem really good I just put the telescope down but haven't found the 3rd asteroid yet Difficult level for a player who knows the game there will be no problem with the game I find it balanced on the other hand for the beginners he will pull his hair out I have not yet tested the ranching by some dreco because I did not find a reed neither on the first nor on the second asteroid I will soon have to test the rockets sorry i use google translate to write to you Cordially Mycast
  4. Hello thank you for giving me a chance to test the alpha DLC thank you after 2 reinstallation the game and launch : 1 - the mod I had forgotten 2 - the beta of the cloud which makes sure that the game does not launch thank you again i will test all this thank you
  5. Hello I had the same problem as you and I look for a solution to solve it I find them I send you a tutorial I did on the other hand desolate it and in French