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  1. I have a problem that's compleatly new to me since the Moral update at the end of July. I havent played oxygen not included in a while, but now wanted to try it out with the new update. To my disapointment the moment I start the game it starts to lag. And when I go to select my dups it lags even more, and even worse, making it very hard to choose dups. And once the game starts it's even more laggy (or the framerate drops. Ultimativly it's the same effect) So much in fact it's borderline unplayable. Dups teleport through rumes, oders I give take forever to happe, or done happen. I've reinstalled the game, updated, verified the game cache, looked to see if someone else had that problem... Only thing I could find was that people reported lag later in the game once their base grew and so on. Which I undrestand. More entities and so on. But for me it's unplayably laggy/slow from the start. What can I do? When I played it before the Morale Update at the end of July the game ran perfectly fine. And my pc is still the same one. Sorry I couldnt figure out a solution myself. Thanks for helping already. Kaitax