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  1. Bumping this up as well, still a base breaking problem if reliant on both fuels.
  2. Oh, I definitely did not know that, thanks. It could still stand to probably be a bit clearer in game since the numbers match up from +1 down. There's not really an indication that it will change from that point, or how it will change. -1=-1, +0=+0, +1=+1, +2=+4, +3=+8, etc.
  3. Several of the food listings on the consumables menu list a largely inflated morale. Applies to some of the new, old, and/or recently changed recipes. There may be more, I don't have all foods discovered in my game. Pacu Filet - Listed as a +4 in Consumables, +2 in Database Cooked Fish - Listed as +8 in Consumables, +3 In Grill/Database Barbecue - Listed as +8 in Consumables, +3 in Grill/Database Omelette - Listed as +4 in Consumables, +2 in Grill/Database Surf'n Turf - Listed as +12 in Consumables, +4 in Grill/Database
  4. If I may make a suggestion Klei, instead of disabling the traits for the basic asteroid please allow us a tick box to enable/disable the trait generation. This allows us to play with the feature if we want to and to not if we don't. Preferably it would be an option for all the asteroids, giving us a clean "default" for each map style.
  5. Polluted water in a chamber of airflow tiles to feed puft is not off-gassing and puft is starving. Air pressure in the room is ~800 and all tiles of airflow are and remain full of oxygen.
  6. Still persisting, toggling it on and off in the feeder to drop on floor to manually feed atm