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  1. Drones/Robots

    AFAIK this is a bug. Why would airlocks magically delete regolith upon opening? I also have found this behavior to be spotty.
  2. Drones/Robots

    I can keep my robo-miners clean. That's not the issue. I will eat my hat and welcome it if you know of any build that addresses these issues: Keep satellites clear of debris Don't interfere with satellites (too much) Keep other robo-miners clear Don't block (too much) light for solar panels Stay cool So far this appears to be a very unbalanced mechanic which is so complicated it is actually nearly impossible to implement. A realistic solution would be pre-programmed drones that respond to the automation system and perform a routine. They might be expensive to operate but what you lose in energy you make up for in better automation on the surface. As of now, I really don't see a single build (maybe missing it!) that doesn't involve micromanaging to the point that, unless you play this game for micromanaging (no judgement), it becomes extremely burdensome.
  3. Drones/Robots

    Yep, only robo-miners are almost entirely unusable on the surface. It's not the correct solution for surface exploration.
  4. Drones/Robots

    Yeah I just didn't see it. It doesn't shock me that someone wrote about this idea before. I could see a fully mechanical option for another play style, but maybe involving extremely late-game, far out-there tech tree research. On the first case, I think it would just be extremely helpful for something to help sweep space debris!
  5. Hey Devs, Still love this game. I'm taking a bit of a break because my life is taking priority, but can't wait to get back to it. One thing that would massively improve playability for me (late-game) though? Drones. I know dupes are king in this game, but being able to manufacture simple drones, that do simple things, like repair in space, monitor refineries, or dig, would be HAYUGE. Even with pre-programmed macro-like tasks to limit the amount of special power they have, this would help to clear debris, fix broken machinery, and more I probably haven't considered yet. To ensure balance, they could only go so far away from their charging stations, and their charging stations could be quite an energy drain. This would pave the way for dupes to do less mind-numbing micro-managing upgrading and fixing work, and perhaps allow for near full automation and make endgame a bit more about space travel and a bit less about tearing your hair out trying to keep debris clear in space. As it is, I had to bail on my game once I got to space because it's just... Too cumbersome to deal with right now, and just printing more dupes doesn't help because I still end up having too much to micromanage (even with conveyer belts everywhere). Possibly allowing more interesting space exploration options without worrying your base will fall apart?
  6. I actually think they are working on improved AI because these devs are great. I am not telling the dev team to just "do better". I'm aware it's a hard problem, and sorry if that didn't come across. I suspect they're running simulations to test various builds comparing dupe performance with CPU performance at whatever priority they think is best. I'm not trying to say "do better". I am trying to say, as you figure out improved algorithms, it could be interesting to add them over time, with a "Wisdom" skill. That has the added benefit, FWIW, of making new dupes less costly than more advanced dupes. The "trapped" alert would be interesting and doable (can't find a path back to bed or food and idle for x seconds?), and I think trapped plus certain issues (Starving? "Very" Hungry?) could realistically spark a stress reaction by a dupe, for them to try to get back to food through brute force, shortest path, with no regards for the consequences. That also means it's probably pretty stupid sometimes, but if someone is panicked they don't make the best decisions. It's similar to what destructive dupes do when they get stressed out now, but instead of random it's targeted.
  7. Hi Folks, This game is too addictive. I understand that dupes are stupid... Very, very stupid. They will seal themselves on the outside of walls even if it means they're trapped. They'll dig from the outside in and fall several tiles and just sit there, bemoaning their fate with no attempt to climb out. To make matters worse, the notices on the top make it hard to realize when, sometimes, your dupe is trapped. I freak out any time I see "Idle" for fear a dupe who has no ability to build has volunteered to dig themselves, literally, into a hole. So... I would like to ask for 2 things. 1. Trapped dupes (AKA dupes that are Idle and cannot reach food, maybe lack Oxygen) will start to gain stress faster, and will exercise free will as a mid-level stress reaction. They won't wait, and will just start digging or building ladders or tiles with whatever they have handy to get wherever they need to go. Sometimes they might screw things up worse, but they want to live! They're only thinking about survival. They may die anyway. 2. Dupes learn from their mistakes with a "Wisdom" skill. They gain it simply by getting old enough and making mistakes. In the background, dupes can be learning their environment in realtime as we learn it. Some dupes are just naturally wiser than others. They will take shorter paths, and will generally prioritize things better. I know you're probably going to have AI improvements, but if they're ongoing or slow, it would be nice to see the dupes improve over time on some features (other than just path issues and sitting around like a crazy person waiting to die)