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  1. So, technically, running petrolium form OR straight to PG is a bad idea. Tks
  2. Well, AYCS, I`ve try many ways to set the input liquid these generators don't care much. PG consumption rate is 2k petro/s. League Cycle 156.sav
  3. As you can see, i enclosed every single parts but it still said no room. It`s the shame that the half-natured 9-tile space right next to can be considered as a room. League Cycle 85.sav (1).sav
  4. I had more than 50k calo and then from nothing this bug popped out. Save files are included Paradise Cycle 107.sav Paradise Cycle 106.sav (1).sav
  5. When I play, usually, there is a chance that my screen becomes frozen, the only thing I can move is mouse, nor keyboard, still here sound of the game btw. Especially playing while surfing web