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    Version 1.0.0


    Set the default angle for your server's camera. When starting a new world, or reloading an old one, it can often be annoying to need to shift the camera to your favorite camera angle and coordinate this with your teammates. This can especially be a nuisance for those who like to play with the camera squared up to the world grid with teammates who do not like to shift their camera after they start. With this mod, the camera default camera angle for the server may be specified in the configuration, thus streamlining this process. Upon entering the world, the camera will be set to the specified angle, after which time it operate as normal
  2. Hello, I am making a don't starve together custom character mod, and I cannot get the saveslot portrait to display. As I understand it, this is the image that should display next to your world in the host game menu. Instead, a silhouette of Wilson with a post-it note face is displaying (see attached, slot two). I have reviewed various guides without much success, google did not turn up any obviously useful links, and perusing the 5 most popular character mods on the steam workshop did not offer any solutions (I did not see one which had this issue solved.) Furthermore, the 'regular' don't starve (DS) sample character from Klei (Wilson with sample written on his head) worked, but when I attempted to translate my findings to DST the correct portrait would not render. Am I misunderstanding the saveslot_portrait's role? Or am I missing any required code to make this happen? Alternatively, if there is an existing mod for which this works, I would be capable of reading through it and learning from example. My code and character selection screen is attached for reference. Thanks in advance!