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  1. 3 hours ago, axxel said:

    Ufff I didn't learnt something new with the Woodie missing poster i guess. The others on the other hand have more information.

    Did I missed something?

    Not much, I guess it sorta ties into him having some importance in the story to be worthy of a mention in Winona's board. However, since there has been little lore about him; he seems to be a bit of an anomaly. At least we know he comes from the same world as Winona, and not some alternate universe where all Canadians are polymorphs with talking red tools.

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  2. Having Wilson in multiple places at once realty isn't a stretch because two Wilsons can spawn from the portal.

    While Event Wilson is busy, hopping through dimensions. The portal could pop out another Wilson and Wigfrid to help out Winona.

    It seems the timeline based on who gets thrown into the forge/gorge is a little bit more flexible to who gets tossed in. As you can play as any of the characters and with any multiples in the game.


    The only thing that refutes multiple Wilsons or Same characters existing at the same time is that I have never seen it in one of the DS/T trailers.

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  3. I set the bucket of oil as FUELTYPE.CAVE (for now). I was wanting it to fuel things in a completely identical fashion to lightbulbs, slurtle slime, and fireflies which means it will only be able to fuel miners hats and lanterns. The bucket of oil is completely coded in already and had its fueltype declared as cave and everything. I could easily make it an item instead of being in a bucket, but that's not what I want for this mod. The only thing not coded in is the ability for it to give the bucket back.


  4. I'm wanting to add in a new resource into the game: Oil. I was hoping that I could transfer it in buckets. A bucket of oil would be able to fuel a miner hat or a lantern. Whenever a bucket of oil would be used as fuel I was going to make it to where it would give the player the bucket back. I tried to use the fueled component to do this. I only added in a few lines to the code. To find it easier, look for the function Fueled:TakeFuelItem(item, doer). I tried to insert an if statement and doer.components.inventory:GiveItem("bucket") there next to item:Remove(). Thanks for taking a look at my case; I'm a little new so I probably am not thinking of all the options.



  5. The actions file I'm referring to is under scripts\actions. I am wanting to make an it give the player a specific item whenever a certain fuel is added which I've created. I've tried editing it from the components\fueled and components\fuel side, but it isn't turning out so well. I've tried editing the TakeFuelItem(inst, doer) function in the fueled component to give the player the item by inserting doer.components.inventory:GiveItem(itemname), but for now its only giving me errors which say scripts/components/inventory.lua tried to index field components. I'm hoping that putting this in actions right before TakeFuelItem is called would give better results than inserting it in fueled (where it is called). Would I be able to edit actions in modmain.lua?